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Desert Temple At Spawn Seed for Minecraft PE

This seed provides a wonderful place for beginners to enjoy the new Minecraft world. There is a temple here that has many treasures. Go straightly a little bit and you will see many valuable items. Look around the village. You have a good chance to discover a savannah biome, a desert biome, and a jungle biome. Therefore, if you are looking for another wonderful place to explore, put this seed into your first consideration.

Creator: SkyofMeow

The place for spawning is in a jungle biome of a desert biome. Walk straightly and turn right. There is a desert temple welcoming you.

Enter the temple to find out the treasures. After that, destroy the blocks and drop them down the room. It’s time for you to look for the pressure plate for helping you in the first time of spawning.

Turn left the temple. You can see a savannah village there.

Open the chest and you will find some apples and iron items.

Seed: 256393152

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