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Three Villages & One Temple At Spawn

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This can be an exciting Minecraft Pocket Edition temple seed that includes three distinct villages (plus one sand temple) in 3 different biomes. They all may be found quite a near spawn, and there are tons of great loot that you’ll be able to choose in the chests located at the temple along with a blacksmith. It is a great seed for survival mode because it is going to allow you to get tons of precious items only in a couple of minutes from the start.

Found by: TheGrimReaper0880

The spawn is on the edge of a valley and desert biome. Directly ahead, you will find a village at the plains biome, and in your right, you’ll locate a desert village.

Neither of those villages is particularly large. But, there was a blacksmith in the plain village who had a chest with some neat loot.

Here’s a listing of the loot that the chest contains.

  • Two bread
  • Three golden ingots
  • One iron horse armor
  • One iron boots

If you continue straight ahead but deviate a little to the left towards the sand biome, you will find a sand temple. You should not miss it.

Go into the sand temple and then break the colored blocks in the middle. Down there, you will find four concealed chests. Be certain not to step on the pressure plate because it is going to set a bomb off.

Here’s a listing of the loot that you’ll find that the four chests united.

  • 20 bones
  • 26 sand
  • Two saddle
  • Ten rotten flesh
  • Two spider eye
  • Four enchanted books
  • 31 gunpowder
  • Three gold ingots
  • One golden apple
  • One string
  • One gold horse armor

By continuing further in the desert before long, you’ll soon visit some savannah village.

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  1. wow i never knew that there were 3 villages and a temple so close together! Thanks fir the map. Ill try it out on my new game.


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