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Are you looking for the best MCPE Seeds? Minecraft world seeds for MCPE are generated by entering a string of characters (possibly numbers or letters) into the “World seed” box in the Minecraft menu. Each character string will create a unique world.

Whether you are a professional player or a beginner, the only thing you can’t control in Minecraft is the terrain. You cannot control where you will be spawn. Maybe you will be spawned in a bland and flat world or pasture with quirky chickens. So, you need Seed to be spawn in the world you want.

Best MCPE Seeds
Best MCPE Seeds

These Seeds are designed for the mobile and pocket version of the game and compatible with Bedrock Engine. That means you can now enjoy your favorite Minecraft’s world on your smartphone or your tablet.

Minecraft seed system is one of the best parts of the game. Every Minecraft player wants a seed that will make them appear in the middle of a village, jungle, citadel, monument of the ocean or anywhere.

Our Minecraft seed archive has all the seeds for every version of Minecraft 0.15.0+ and up to Minecraft 1.12.1+ seeds. There are many seeds to watch over before deciding on one. Don’t just explore a seed while around there are many better worlds to choose.

If you have not installed MCPE, visit here to download the latest version of Minecraft PE free.

Here will be one of the most interesting sections on our site, not to be missed with both beginners and advanced players in Minecraft Pocket Edition!

Best MCPE Seeds – Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Every day, our staff look at the seeds, check to see if they are unique, etc. and when they caught something great, they will share that discovery here. We publish different seeds for the game and only offer high quality and proven seeds. So, I recommend accessing this section more often.

You can share your found seeds by emailing us, and we will publish it on our website! If you like any of the seeds here, we recommend you share it with your friends through social networks.

(Before we start, it is important to note that the result of a seed completely depends on the Minecraft version you are running.

In-game algorithms allow you to create the same world every time if you enter the same seed value into the code generator. However, when the algorithm is updated and changed, it no longer creates the same world as before. Maybe something does not appear, or it moves very far to the left or right, or something like that.

A great seed in version 0.15.x could be something annoying in version 1.x)

10 latest MCPE Seeds – Minecraft Berock Edition

Three Villages & One Temple At Spawn

This can be an exciting Minecraft Pocket Edition temple seed that includes three distinct villages (plus one sand temple) in 3 different...

Two Villages & Two Temples

Here’s a really good Minecraft PE temple seed if you want to spawn really close to two temples, some villages and a...

Desert Temple At Spawn

If you want to start a new survival world, this will be a seeds for Minecraft PE sand temple worth trying. It...

The Stripe Lands (Temple & Village)

I thought I'd seen all of it. The Nether, The End, The Farlands, but no, apparently not. The Stripe Lands put far...

Lots of Ravines, Villages, Desert Temples & More

It is among the greatest Minecraft Bedrock Edition temple seed I Have ever seen. There are a lot of cool points to...

Stronghold, Villages, Outposts, Bamboo Jungle

This Minecraft PE jungle seed has loads of structures and many biomes within a thousand blocks of spawn! There is so much...

Mineshaft, Jungle, and Desert Village Close to Spawn Seed

With this jungle seeds for minecraft pe new update, you'll be spawn right next to a forest with a desert village, four...

Two Jungle Temples At Spawn

This seeds for minecraft pe jungle temple spawns you right close to a jungle temple. After which right close to this temple,...

Great Jungle Seed!

Here's a wonderful MCPE jungle seed for you guys! Right now there are very few of them, so we're extremely excited when...

Zombie Village/Jungle Temple Near Ice Spike/Jungle Combo and More!

With this 1.13 Minecraft Bedrock jungle seed, you spawn on the edge of a Jungle. Go straight forward a...

In Minecraft, there are many different types of terrain that are randomly generated that you cannot expect. Below is a list of the most common seeds.

MCPE Village Seeds

MCPE Village Seed

This is one of the most used Seed types in Minecraft. In the Minecraft world, there are natural structures that make up a village. Every Minecraft seed has a village somewhere, or even several villages close together.

Some villages have several different structures: blacksmiths, churches, butchers, each house has a different size.

Here are some examples of village seeds. These are just a few of the many villages found in the best MCPE Village Seeds.

Minecraft PE Jungle Seed

Minecraft PE Jungle Seed

Have you ever been lost in a large jungle without finding the exit? Jungle seeds are the scariest seed at night.

In the jungle have giant trees, vegetation, and wildlife. This is also the only biome that you can find Ocelots.

Players can also often find temples in the jungle, which contains a lot of treasures. However, these temples have hidden dangers like traps, so be careful when exploring them.

The jungle is one of the most interesting places to explore. You will have many hours of fun here. In some jungles, there may be caves, but others are not.

In any case, the jungle seed is always the most sought-after seed for a Minecraft player. And you are no exception, aren’t you?

Check out the full list of the best Minecraft PE Jungle Seeds here.

Seeds for Minecraft PE Castle

Best Minecraft PE Seeds Castle

Minecraft players all over the world always want to create amazing structures and share them with other players. The castle is one of such structures.

Usually, a castle seed will accompany the Maps file. So pay close attention to the instructions before deciding to explore a certain castle.

Minecraft PE Seeds City

Minecraft PE Seeds City

We all love the city seed, which is why you are here. Seed city is quite rare. So we will try to collect as much as we can to provide for you. Discover Minecraft PE Seeds City now.

Minecraft PE Survival Island Seeds

Minecraft PE Survival Island Seeds

You get tired of exploring and building for hours. You need to try a new feeling. Try a Minecraft survive seed and test your survival skills!

The idea for these seeds stems from older versions of Minecraft, where it’s quite common to start a world where there is nothing but an island in the middle of the ocean.

Survival Islands often has relatively limited resources, and players try to test their skills by relying only on what can be searchable – as if stuck on the Island without the hope of rescuing.

Below is a collection of Minecraft island seeds where players start on or near islands. Go to the list of Minecraft PE Survival Island Seeds.

Minecraft PE Diamond Seed

Minecraft PE Diamond Seed

Which items are most searched for in Minecraft? Yes, it must be a diamond!!!

Diamond mining requires an iron hoe or any higher quality iron. Diamond mining is complicated and time-consuming.

We will waste hours searching for precious diamonds. Fortunately, mining is not the only way to get diamonds. These valuable Minecraft gems can sometimes be found in the blacksmiths of villages, in treasure chests from desert temples and jungle temples, as well as on the walls of the Deep cracks.

In this Minecraft seed collection, you will be able to have Diamonds with little effort. Just use the seed and follow the instructions. See best Minecraft PE Diamond Seeds

Woodland Mansion Minecraft PE Seeds

MCPE Seeds – Minecraft Bedrock Edition

This is a extremely rare seed. Woodland Mansion has tons of rooms with the possibility of chests, monsters, and even diamond blocks.

Be careful because Evoker and Vindicator will be born in Woodland Mansion ready to protect their house.

There are also many interesting things that we do not want to reveal before. Discover for yourself.

Mushroom Island Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds

MCPE Seeds – Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Mushroom Island Seeds are some of the most interesting seeds. At the same time mushroom island can be the most boring of all kinds of seeds.

Minecraft mushroom island seeds are one of the rarest biomes in the game. So the number of seeds is limited. You can check here.

Stronghold Seeds for MCPE

Best Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds Stronghold

Stronghold is the most important part of any Minecraft player’s adventure. It is the rarest structure created in the game. Naturally created underground, strongholds are difficult to find and often encounter while exploiting.

Because they are often underground, no seed makes a player start in a stronghold.

Seeds for Minecraft PE with Ocean Monument

MCPE Seeds – Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Ocean Monument (also called Guardian Temples or Water Temples).

Minecraft seeds with ocean relics are an interesting thing. These seeds are almost always related to survival islands because ocean relics are underwater. It’s quite rare to start right next to an ocean ruin.

There’s not much more to ocean monuments, other than the monstrous fish they contain, which are very dangerous to fight while swimming underwater.

TIP: Because the Ocean Monument is completely underwater, you will need to be in the Creative or Drinking Potion of Water Breath mode if you want to explore the temple. Otherwise, you will run out of the air and die.

Visit the list of oceanic monument seeds.

Extreme Hills Seeds

MCPE Seeds – Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Players often call extreme hill biomes by their real-world, logical name, mountains. Minecraft seeds with mountains (or extreme hills) are fairly common.

In Minecraft, Extreme Hills is a biome in the Overworld. It has towering mountains with waterfalls, lava falls, and ponds. If you get into the hill, you can find interesting deep caves to explore.

These biomes are quite rare in any Minecraft seed, but one of the most beautiful Minecraft seeds. The Minecraft mountains can have flowing lava or floating islands in the sky.

Desert Seeds MCPE

MCPE Seeds – Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Of all the biomes in Minecraft, the desert does not always have the same rich resources as other biomes.

Desert is an arid area made up of sand, cacti, and dead bushes. Along the banks of the river, sometimes you can find sugarcane. Sometimes, you can find pyramids, temples, and desert villages.

However, that does not mean that we should ignore the desert.

Desert Temple Seeds: Desert temples may be slightly rarer than Jungle temples. But they are not much different. In addition to temples filled with treasures, deserts often contain villages made of sand and are good for survival mode.

Desert Seeds has a lot of interesting things waiting for you to discover. Let’s go!

Mesa Seeds

MCPE Seeds – Minecraft Bedrock Edition

In Minecraft, the Mesa (Renamed to Badlands) biome is rareto find. That shows spawning in or near this beautiful and rare biome is a fortunate person.

Mesa biomes are made up of different red and colorful sand of hard clay. Mesa County is similar to desert seed but much redder.

There are several different versions of the mesa. There are mesa forests, mesa hills. Mesa makes some Minecraft seeds interesting.

Forest MCPE Seeds

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Seeds Forest

It is probably the most popular seed at present of Minecraft. In Minecraft, Forest is a biome in the Overworld. It has a lot of spruce, birch, oak, and black oak. It is one of the biomes where you can find wolves.

Flower forest is a moderate new addition, and they have trees, flowers and maybe even lakes. There is also a variation of the so-called roofed forest (or dark forest) that has extremely thick trees, covering trees and even some giant mushrooms here and there.

Let’s explore.

Roofed Forest Seeds

MCPE Seeds – Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Roofed forest seed in Minecraft is an exciting world. These are added to later versions of Minecraft.

These covered forests have mushrooms growing to huge sizes, and tree shadow completely covering the forest. Too thick leaves cover the forest, making light impossible to fall. The darkness enveloped the whole day, making monsters reproduce even during the day, making Roofed forests become a dangerous place to try to survive.

Some people are fascinated by the roofed forest because of the huge mushrooms with abundant food sources. Others like dark and scary things that will create exciting and exciting adventures.

Whatever the reason, the roofed forest is undoubtedly a great addition to Minecraft and creates amazing Minecraft seeds.

Swamp Seeds for MCPE

MCPE Seeds – Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Minecraft swamp seeds are one of the more unique environments. Swamp is not common in Minecraft seeds.

In Minecraft, a swamp is a biome in the Overworld. It is known for oak trees, which have creeping vines that players can climb. The swamp also has a lot of water and small islands. Mushrooms are also more likely to be found in swamps than in other environments.

Looking for a Minecraft swamp seed is quite rare, especially a large swamp.

There are a few different reasons to choose Minecraft seeds with a swamp; one of the most common reasons is for Witch huts.

Although swamps don’t have much to offer, they have a lot of potential for certain creative buildings and houses.

There are not many natural structures created here, but they are an excellent place to transform into a Minecraft house. Minecraft swamp seeds are some of the most exciting Minecraft seeds to explore.

Taiga Seeds

MCPE Seeds – Minecraft Bedrock Edition

In Minecraft, taiga Minecraft Seeds are a pretty interesting seed, although they tend to be boring afterward.

The Taiga biome is known for its snow grains, as well as large tree biomes and spruce. Taigas occasionally has ice-plains plains.

These Minecraft seeds are quite interesting to explore. It is one of the few biomes where you can find wolves. In rare cases, you can find the villages in Taiga.

Don’t forget to check out the full Minecraft seed list for more awesome Minecraft seeds.

Savanna Seeds

MCPE Seeds – Minecraft Bedrock Edition

The savanna is a common warm biome. It typically generates bordering a desert or plains biome and has four variations in total. It is also the only biome that we can find acacia trees.

These seeds are capable of containing all kinds of different organisms like other normal biomes.

Acacia and (less commonly) oak trees are the two types of trees that grow here; this is the only place where acacia trees naturally generate.

In rare cases, you can find villages in Savanna.

An interesting feature of Savana county is the large Savana mountains. It is a feature usually only available in this Seed. Savana seeds are something you should explore.

Plains Seeds

MCPE Seeds – Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Plains are mostly flat with green grass and no trees. It has a lot of streams, lakes, caves and wild animals.

There are many different types of plains, such as a plain village, sunflower plain, flower forest plain. Sometimes have a large island with a plain and no trees.

The plains are sometimes called grasslands, which is one of the most popular biome pants in Minecraft. The plain is a lovely place to live because of the beautiful colors, abundant grass, can cut away to grow wheat on it.

In many cases, you can find villages in the Delta.

Please check out some of our plain seeds.

Jungle Temple MCPE Seeds

Jungle Temple Minecraft PE Seeds

Jungle Temple Seeds are an exciting experience. You will be spawn in a forest that certainly has at least one temple in it. We can find temples in most biome in Minecraft jungle. They are not rare, but to see them can be tough, especially in survival mode.

Jungle Temple is quite strange. Unlike desert temples, Jungle temples are very different. There are only two chests stored in a temple in the jungle, not four. There are traps in both temples, but traps of the jungle involve trip wires and arrows. The temples in the jungle also look different from the desert temples. Besides, they may contain the same type of item in their storage bin.

To explore the jungle temple seeds. Please visit the following list. The best Minecraft PE Temple Seeds – Bedrock Edition.

Snow Seeds for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

MCPE Seeds – Minecraft Bedrock Edition

It is a community covered with snow, and you will often see the ice spikes protruding high. It has many streams, lakes, and caves.

We will post the best seeds for older and newer MCPE versions 1.8, 1.7, 1.6.1, 1.5.3, 1.4, 1.2.0, 1.1.0. Seeds for Android, iOS, Win 10, Gear VR Edition devices, Fire TV Edition are always available.

In general, everything here is built to make sure that you don’t get bored in MCPE for a second. Read more about Best Snow Biome Seeds for Minecraft PE.

Notice before starting a new world with Seeds for MCPE

The algorithm in the game allows creating the same world every time if we enter into the seed generator same value.

However, when the algorithm is updated and changed, it no longer creates the same world as before. In other words, the active seeds for older Minecraft versions may not work for newer versions.

It creates a sudden topographic change and cliff if the algorithm changes significantly.

These variations can create buildings with missing parts and can even easily access treasure rooms in the Ocean Monument.

In addition, it is important to note that the seeds for a Minecraft version, such as Pocket Edition, may not have the desired results in other versions, such as the Java version.

Besides, you can choose from a wide variety of pre-set nuts from the “World Creation” menu in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

Wish you a happy gaming and don’t forget to share with your friends the MCPE Seeds that you find interesting!

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MCPE Seeds – Minecraft Bedrock Edition

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