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Megacity [Creation] Map for Minecraft PE

This is an extremely interesting city to discover. Thanks to lots of lights from buildings, they make the city become beautiful at night. You can see a variety of skyscrapers and other structures that will be completed in the future. There are empty land areas you may across on your way. However, hope that they will have great …

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Big Venom City | Creation Map for MCPE 0.15.0/0.14.0

big venom city

Big Venom City is a large city that is still in construction. It is a realistic city with loads of different areas for exploration. Some include an army base, a suburb, and even an airport. If you like exploration, then you are likely to find this city intriguing as it has a large variety of stuffs to explore. And since it is far from …

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Kingdom of Fairheaven – Creation Map for MCPE 0.15.0

kingdom of fairheaven

This is the first release of the map Kingdom of Fairheaven but you can bet it is still a development in progress. It was built to become an epic stronghold which should be able to remain intact despite almost any attack. In the middle of the stronghold is a grand church and scattered all over the town lie several houses. …

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