The top 5 Superhero Mods for Minecraft PE – Bedrock Edition

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Superhero Mods for Minecraft PE. A superhero is a heroic stock character, and they possess extraordinary powers that a normal person cannot have. They were created to fight the evil of the universe, protect the universe against the destruction of super-villains.

Do you want to be a superhero? With our superhero mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition below, you absolutely can.

Download Minecraft Bedrock Edition Superhero Mods Free

superhero mod for Minecraft PE

These mods add tons of superheroes that you can play to gain epic power. You can fly, destroy mobs easily, get special abilities, and potion effects. Suit up with lightning-fast reflexes, superpower, awesome gear, and powerful armor.

These mods allow players to play as their favorite comic heroes and villains to rule the world.

Suit up, and your adventure starts now.

Top 5 Superhero Mod for MCPE

Marvel 3D Armors Addon

This superhero addon adds six new custom 3d armor modeled after superheroes in the Marvel universe. Those superheroes are Wolverine, Thanos, Iron Man, Deadpool, Captain America, and Captain America cap.

Marvel 3D Armors Addon

See the video to take out doubt.

YouTube video

To use the armor you need to put the following functions:

/function cap

Marvel 3D Armors Addon

Read more and download Marvel 3D Armors Addon here

Pocket Heroes Mod for Minecraft PE

Pocket Heroes mod adds to your Minecraft world 21 superhero armor sets. Besides, it also added countless villains such as The Joker and Winter Soldier. You will need to fight these villains to unlock more superhero armor sets. Some of the available superhero sets include Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Ant-man. In this superhero mod, each superhero has its special abilities and tools that only they can use.

Creator: ElKurco

How to obtain the superhero suits?

Craft Start Something Epic and tap with it on the ground to obtain an empty comic book. The empty comic book can be used for crafting the full comic book.

  • Start Something Epic (3499) – 1 book + 2 diamonds + 2 iron blocks + 2 redstone blocks
  • PocketWiki (3498) – creative inventory

Then tap on the ground with the full book (in this case Captain America #1 – Red Skull) to fight the first villain boss.

Pocket Heroes Mod

Every time you kill a villain, you will get a new book. The second villain is Winter Soldier. Spawn him with a book and then killed him to get the third book: Captain America # 3 – Civil War.

In the third and final battle to get Captain America’s superhero armor, you’ll need to fight a bunch of mobs.

One of the mobs will drop the Batman armor suit and the Batman Grappling Hook and an empty comic book. Use the empty comic book as before to spawn the next suite of bosses and fight them to get 22 different sets of superhero armor.

ant man mod for Minecraft PE

DC Comics Superheroes


Wearing the Batman armor suit will help you increase speed, power, and jump. You will be able to see at night, that will help you fight crimes both night and day. Use the grappling hook tool for easy movement.

spiderman mod for minecraft pe
  • Batman Mask (3500)
  • Batman Suit (3501)
  • Batman Leggings (3502)
  • Batman Boots (3503)
  • Grappling Hook (3700)

Read more and download Pocket Heroes Mod here

X-Men Addon

Have you ever dreamed of living in a Marvel universe or becoming X-Men? Then, this addons for Minecraft Pocket Edition is for you. It includes a group of superheroes that fight for better things.

X-Men Addon superhero for Minecraft PE
X-Men Addon
X-Men Addon
X-Men Addon

Read more and download X-Men Addon here

Hulk Addon

We want to introduce to you ( lovers of the Hulk character in the Marvel universe) our new add-on named Hulk Addon. This addon will add two new mobs to your Minecraft world.

  • The first one is the Hulk; he is a fictional superhero with extreme strength and fighting ability.
  • The second mob is Hulkbuster; he is an enemy of Hulk. Hulkbuster was an Iron Man armor set created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner (Hulk) to counter himself.

Both two mobs can be controlled and controlled by the player.

Creator: Andrew99

The Hulk

Build a structure, as shown below, with four iron blocks. Then place a pumpkin on top of the structure as a head to spawn the Hulk.

Hulk Addon

The Hulk is a neutral mob, and he will only attack you if you provoke him. You can mount the Hulk and then ride on his shoulder like a horse. The main purpose of the Hulk in this world is to defeat evil and include hostile monsters. In addition, he also has a hostile attitude towards Hulkbuster, another mob that this addon creates.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the Hulk and press Ride to mount the Hulk
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the Hulk to ride him
Hulk Addon

The Hulk will mercilessly defeat any other hostile mob includes zombies and spiders.

Read more and download Hulk Addon here

The Flash Addon (v7)

Have you ever wanted to be superheroes in Minecraft. This is one of your willing to be the flash in mine-verse. It has a lot of powers and also, super-speed that no one can reach him. Be with me…

1-Crafting suits

The Flash Addon (v7)
The Flash Addon (v7)
The Flash Addon (v7)
The Flash Addon (v7)

Gather the suits for crafting the activator ring.

Read more and download The Flash Addon here

More Superhero Mods for Minecraft PE

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Hulk Addon

We want to introduce to you ( lovers of the Hulk character in the Marvel universe) our new add-on named Hulk Addon. This addon...

The Flash Addon (v7)

Have you ever wanted to be a superheroes in Minecraft PE? Maybe mentioned Iron Man, Hulk, Flash Man, Thor, and more. The Flash Addon...


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