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Desert Temple At Spawn

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If you want to start a new survival world, this will be a seeds for Minecraft PE sand temple worth trying. It features a temple with a few treasures right at spawn, and only a bit farther away, there is a village with additional items to loot. The surrounding regions include a jungle biome, a desert biome, plus also a savannah biome. That is fine if you would like a couple of distinct alternatives for where to explore next.

Found by: SkyofMeow

The spawn is at a jungle biome that borders a desert biome. Only a bit farther ahead on the right, you’ll locate a desert temple.

You will find the treasure inside the temple by going inside and then destroying the colored blocks in the center, and fall to the treasure room. Beware of the pressure plate because it sets off an explosive trap.

It’s not the best booty, but it’s still useful if you’ve just spawned.

There’s a savannah village just a little furthThere is a savannah village only a bit farther to the left of this temple.

There you’ll see a chest which includes some iron things and a few apples.

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