The 5 Best Furniture Mods for Minecraft PE

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In this section, we will introduce you to the five best furniture mod for Minecraft PE free. Do you want your home to look luxurious and comfortable? That’s why you are here.

These Minecraft PE mods and Minecraft Bedrock Edition Addons are aggregated based on the number of social network shares. So it may be interesting for some people but maybe not interesting for others.

Furniture Mod for Minecraft PE
Furniture Mod

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is always up to date, so there are some MCPE mods or add-ons that no longer work well in the current version. Please make sure you read the instructions carefully before starting.

We will regularly update furniture mods for MCPE here. So come back often not to miss the latest updates.

Besides, the resources here are shared by us completely free and don’t have annoying ads like “”. So if you like our mods/addons, share it with your friends via social networks to give thanks to us. We appreciate that.

Download Furniture Mods for Minecraft PE

Here are 5 best furniture mods/addons for Minecraft PE – Bedrock Engine voted over the years.

Decoration Addon

If you are a technology enthusiast, you will definitely like this addons. This addon will add to your home more than 11 technology products such as TV, Gamer PC Set, Nightstand, Acacia Table, Pink Table, Chairs & Couches, Colored 3D Beds, Statue of the Creator, etc.

Decoration Addon for MCPE


The items here are very easy to rotate and arrange. Discover Decoration Addon now.

Furnicraft Addon

This next addon is excellent. If you are looking for more furniture for your home, then this addons will be a good solution. It offers more than 50 different types of furniture, such as Laptop, TV, Gamer PC Set, Christmas tree, Piano, Teddies machine, Kitchen mod, etc.

Founded by: ROBERTGAMER69

Furnicraft Addon for Minecraft PE
Furnicraft Addon for Minecraft PE

Because mobs replace the blocks, you can freely rotate them in any direction. You can also sit on a chair and a sofa.

Discover Furnicraft Addon now.


This mod will add to your game more than 20 different types of furniture. Each type of furniture will have a different use. For example, radio can turn on songs, and refrigerators used to store food.

Creator: MicoLets_MC

Mine-Furniture Addon Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Mine-Furniture Addon Minecraft Bedrock Edition

All furniture is available from the seller. You can now trade Furniture Items by finding or spawning a Villager and interact it with a Bit-Emerald to spawn a Furniture Seller.

Check Mine-Furniture.

Modern Tools

This addon adds up to 6 modern tools to your Minecraft world even though they only replace two different mobs. For example, you can store your food or any other item in the refrigerator. Or cook raw food immediately on a kitchen stove.

Creator: Kiritocris55

To create a modern tool, you must first have a forge. You can find forge everywhere in Minecraft PE because the forge replaces eggs and chickens that drop eggs everywhere.

See Modern Tools.

Furniture Mods

Furniture Mod is a cool mod which is about furniture in Minecraft PE. This mod was made by ziadoesminecraft.

Furniture Mod
Furniture Mod

With this mod, you will have many new items in the game. Such as Laptop, Fridge and Freezer, Lamp, Wooden and Cobblestone table. Each of them also has different feature. For example, if you touch the lower part of the refrigerator, you will get some cooked chicken. This mod is so simple but it is so interesting with new items.

See this mod here.

How to install the furniture mod in Minecraft PE?

1: Select the mod/addon that you want to install on in our article.

2: Download mod/addon.

3: If the downloaded file as a .mcpack / .mcworld file, you just need to click open the file, the installation will be automated.

4: If the downloaded file as a .zip or .rar file, then you need FX File Explorer (or any other file manager application) to extract the downloaded zip file.

5: If the downloaded file as a .js or .modpkg, it will require a little more complexity by using BlockLauncher.

6: After installing mod/addon. Come back to your Minecraft world and enjoy it.

This article will guide you step by step in detail to install mod/addon for Minecraft PE in the easiest way.

More Furniture Mods/Addons for Minecraft Pocket Edition

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