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You certainly won’t have much time to search and try to experience all the MCPE Addons available on the Internet.

The best and most popular add-ons are probably the things you need right now. The fact that Addons for Minecraft PE are quite rare, but players and developers still develop them every day.

In our section of addons for Minecraft PE you will find only high-quality creations. The library is regularly updated – you can download dozens of files for the game for free. They will allow you to maximize the creativity of your game. Use addons to create, enhance or edit existing creations and maps. You can customize your hero, increase your inventory, and even add new commands to control the world.

Please note that addons may require additional programs to work.

10 latest Addons for Minecraft PE – Berock Edition

Best Addons for MCPE

Best Addons for MCPE
Best Addons for MCPE

MCPE Box team has dug up all Minecraft forums, large websites, fan pages, groups that share the best MCPE Addons for iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices to aggregate and list here.

After that, our team will install some tests to make sure they don’t have any viruses. Our website only collects the best Minecraft Addons, so almost certainly you will find what you are looking for and interested.

But before coming to the list, we need to know about the Minecraft PE Addons. Addons for Minecraft Pocket Edition are used to modify games like mods. Here we provide for you special add-ons that created in the C ++ programming language, helping mcpedl addons become the best add-on for Minecraft Pocket Edition – Bedrock Engine!

Addons complement the game with new features, items, blocks, mobs, more and more.

How to get addons for Minecraft PE?

In this section, we will guide you the fastest way to download Addon for Minecraft PE.

1. Visit here. You will see a lot of add-ons listed. Or click here to view all popular mods.
2. Select and click on an addon that you like.
3. Read carefully the description of the addon and guide how to play.
4. Click on the download link.
5. Install and Enjoy!

If you have not installed MCPE, visit here to download the latest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition free.

How to install Minecraft PE addons?

Install MCPE Addons
Install MCPE Addons

Installing add-ons (Addons, as well as Mods) is easy.

You need to download any add-ons you want from our resources in .mcaddon / .mcpack / .mcworld format – then run the previously downloaded file on your device. These new file types automate the process of installing add-ons and maps.

The feature of addons is that they are fully compatible with the game and do not require any additional textures or sounds. (Every Addon have complete instructions).

I hope you enjoy our add-ons for Minecraft PE. Download new addons and share them with your friends!

On the list below, the MCPE Box team has tested the Add-Ons carefully to make sure that they are safe to download.

MCPE Furniture Addons

MCPE Furniture Addons
MCPE Furniture Addons

Do you want to improve the interior of your home?

These will be the addons you need. It includes about 20-50 furniture for you to use.
Each interior has a different way of use and interaction. For example, you can sit in a chair, radio for listening to music, store food in the refrigerator, etc.

Most of them are very beautiful and worth the decoration for your home.

What are you waiting for without downloading them and experiencing it yourself? Download MCPE Furniture Addons here.

MCPE Car Addons

MCPE Car Addons
MCPE Car Addons

Do you want to own your own luxury cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Merc?

But you don’t have money to buy them in real life. With the Minecraft world, you absolutely can do it because you are the king in your world.

These addons will help Minecraft players own a luxury sports car and drive at their disposal.

Each Addon has a different way of operating and interacting, make sure you read it carefully and follow our instructions. Download Car addons for MCPE here.

MCPE Addons Weapons

MCPE Addons Weapons
MCPE Addons Weapons

With the help of this add-on, you can add weapons to Minecraft PE, which will kill everything in the game.

At your disposal will be guns, grenades, tanks, mines and even a robotic outfit. All these good things must be enough to destroy half of the game’s world.

The most interesting is with friends, install the addon and play war games on some maps.

Of course, such a mod completely destroys the balance of the game, so consider using it. Download MCPE Weapon Addon here.

Lucky Block Addons

Lucky Block Addons
Lucky Block Addons

Have you ever used Lucky Block addons for Minecraft PE?

If so, then perhaps you are used to this excitement, when you expect what will fall out of the “Lucky block”.

Lucky MCPE Block is an interesting addon that contains lucky blocks for Minecraft PE.
Every time you destroy a block, something random (and often something dangerous) will happen. Let’s try your luck. Check more Lucky Block Addon for MCPE here.

Tinkers Construct Addons

MCPE Tinkers Construct Addons
MCPE Tinkers Construct Addons

These are great addons to build, repair, and even modify tools and weapons in Minecraft.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a video game that allows players to unleash creativity, build buildings, and interact with them in the 3D world.

Mojang originally released the game. Later on, September 15, 2014, Microsoft bought Mojang AB and owned Minecraft.

MCPE Addons wiki

History of Addons

Minecraft addons history
Minecraft Addons History

Since creating the Minecraft version: Java Edition, Mojang soon cherished the intention for third-party developers or players to change the content of the game freely. The official game customization plan starts on July 5, 2010, with the Modding API scheduled after the release of Java Alpha Version v1.0.1_01. Then it was declared to be released in Beta 1.8. The developer renamed “Modding API” to “Plugin API.” The original plan is to deploy on update 1.3, then for 1.4. Then it was accidentally started by Curse that it would be implemented in 1.5.

At MINECON 2012, Mojang shared their vision about the future of Plugin API. The API has been developed by the Bukkit team and aims to simplify the modding and download process.

On August 12, 2016, Searge announced that there would be news about the API at Minecon. What is their plan, and what is the roadmap? The next day, Grum confirmed that the Addon would be for Pocket Edition. At MINECON, the plan and roadmap for the development of Add-Ons were outlined.

How do addons work?

Basically, MCPE Add-Ons allow you to change the way the Minecraft world works. They allow players to transform the look of their world and even change the behavior of mobs. For example, you can change the blast radius of a creeper or its texture. You can create an army of chickens to fulfill your orders.

Addon has many different types of packages. If you don’t understand how they work and how to install them, chances are you’ll get it wrong and lead to ruining the game.

Resource package

This package allows you to change the look of the game. Resource packages often contain images, sounds, and descriptions of images. Resource packages are packaged as “.mcpack” files. When you install the “.mcpack” resource package, a message will appear on the top of the screen indicating the installation process. Another message will appear telling you when the import process is complete.

After entering the package, you can enable the package for all the worlds here by clicking on the package and clicking on the “+” icon. In addition, you can apply packages to individual worlds in the world settings section.

Global Resource Packs
Global Resource Packs Minecraft Bedrock Engine Addons

Behavior package

Behavior Packs change behavior in Minecraft. For example, you can ride on a chicken.
Unlike resource packages, behavioral packages can only change the behavior of a single world, which cannot be applied globally.

Like resource packages, behavior packs are also packaged as “.mcpack”

BEHAVIOR PACKS mcpe addons

You can enable behavior packs here. However, they cannot be applied to the entire worlds you have but can only be applied to the world you are creating or editing.

World files

These are worlds in Minecraft that are packaged as “McWorld” files. They can also be imported like the “.mcpacks” files. When you install the world file, it is added to your list of existing worlds. You can create the McWorld file by compressing the content of the world directory.

Can MCPE Addons work with a new Minecraft version?

Addon continues to work even when updating to the latest version. You can install multiple addons at the same time.

Addons only works on Bedrock Edtion platforms, including Win 10, Gear VR, Apple TV, and Fire TV Editions.

Instead of paying for any Minecraft Addons PE, you can download them for free on the Internet, or you can even do it yourself. But be careful when downloading free utilities on sites that are not reputable because they are most likely a mouse or backdoor or virus.

What is the difference between mod and add-on?

Mods are version specific.

– Minecraft players made mods and shared for free. Those who make Mods are called Moder.
– Mods are created to add content to Minecraft to change the way the game works, change the feel and provide more options for interacting with the world MINECRAFT.
– However, mods have limitations that when Minecraft update to a new version requires Mods creators to update, fix if no mods may not work in the new version.
– You cannot use multiple mods at the same time.
– Mods can be installed on Bedrock version via tools like jailbreaking on iOS, and through applications like “BlockLauncher”, “MCPE Master” or “Toolbox for Minecraft: PE” on Android devices.
– You can download the best Mods for Minecraft PE here.

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