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Texture Packs For Minecraft PE

Here you can download MCPE Texture Packs iOS & Android for iOS and Android. All kinds of colorful Minecraft Texture Packs PE absolutely free at high speed are updated daily.


Your world in Minecraft will become colorful thanks to the high simplicity and beautiful shader. How to Play SimpleTextures This is a 16x texture pack that comes with great simplicity. It is easy to identify the difference between the pack with shader and without a shader. Here is the pack with the shader. What happens in the pack …

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Duckie’s Textures III Resource Pack

Duckie’s Textures III is the first texture pack of 3 sub-packs. You will find this pack useful in making Minecraft beautiful thanks to different medieval type details and textures. The pack also comes with old wooden planks. Move to the second texture pack- Duckie’s Textures III: Revised. With reworked textures, the Minecraft looks more beautiful than ever before. …

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Japanese Umbrella Texture Pack

In this texture, you have a chance to see the big change from trident textures to a Japanese umbrella. There is no influence on the whole gameplay. It allows you to throw the umbrella easily, which is similar to throwing a trident. Founded by: Mutsuki Note Never authorize reproduction or conduct secondary distribution. For those who want to …

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Banner Guide Resource Pack

If you are looking for an effective way to decorate your world, you should pay close attention to the banners. By making use of dyes and layers, you can create different designs with the Banner. This pack will tell you the way to design a banner properly with various patterns and pictures. Welcome new banners in the future. …

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Simple Trolls Function Pack

Let’s start trolling your friends with this pack. The players in this game have a chance to make use of fire, smite, TNT, arrows, and anvils. These items seem ineffective for you. Founded by: SapphireCraft How to Play Simple Trolls Function Pack After entering the world, you should type the command “/function help.” Note: Contact me if you …

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Linear Logic (Force Java Compatibility) Texture Pack

This pack creates the great combination between Bedrock Edition and Java Edition packs. Founded by: Offroaders123 Note: You shouldn’t combine this pack with Java Edition How does Linear Logic (Force Java Compatibility) Texture Pack work? If you find it difficult to play this pack, click this link https://sites.google.com/view/faithful-32x-bedrock-edition/linear-logic/how-to-use-linear-logic to know how it works in details. What is The …

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Max Framerate Slider PC Resource Pack

What are special about this pack? After accessing the Video Settings menu, you can enjoy a new slider that increases the max framerate from 10 to 250 fps. For instance, making use of a 60hz monitor leads to the higher fps above 60. Founded by: IForgotToBreath Notes It seems that this pack may work ineffectively in modern versions …

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PlasticPixels Texture Pack [16×16]

The function of this texture pack is creating the simple textures in Minecraft. There is no change in all textures, except for the simplicity. Let’s discover gorgeous features of this low-resolution texture pack. How to Play PlasticPixels Texture Pack [16×16]? Founded by: mcpexinfo, EightTwo5909309 There is nothing simpler than the appearance of this pack. Note: Remember to get …

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