Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Vanilla Raytraced 1.0

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Vanilla Raytraced add PBR* resources to Minecraft.
It provides reflectionsroughnessemissive light to your world with the same original look of Minecraft, but in better.

This resource pack only works on NVIDIA RTX cards and AMD Radeon RX 5xxx | 6xxx on Minecraft Bedrock Windows 10 Edition.

• Compatible add-ons:

Mirror Add-on for Vanilla Raytraced

Clean Glass Add-on for Vanilla Raytraced

Bloody Nether Add-on for Vanilla Raytraced

Glowing Ores Add-on for Vanilla Raytraced

• Questions and Answers:

Q: From who are the normals map textures ?**
A: Most of the normal maps textures are from a Java Edition pack called “Vanilla-Normals-Renewed-1.12” by Poudingue.
Q: Will the texture pack be updated to newer version ?
A: Of course I will

*PBR = Physically Based Renderer

**Most of them are replaced by me. I’ve base my pack on them

Trailer :

YouTube video


Glowing Ores add-on

Bloody Nether add-on

Mirror add-on

Clean Glass add-on

More screenshots are available on the Official website.


To see the full changelog of Vanilla Raytraced 1.0, check this link on our github.

How to install:

Download the Vanilla Raytraced.

Open the .mcpack file.
Wait until the game start and tell you “Import Started”.

Once done, the resource pack is in the setting, in the tab “Global resources”.

Want to upgrade from an old version ?

Go to the settings in the main menu and go to ‘storage’, unfold ‘Resources Packs’ and delete the previous one. Then open/execute the newer version .mcpack.

Supported Minecraft versions





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