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How to install Minecraft PE Texture Packs for iOS

One of the best feature to have in Minecraft is the ability to mess around with things. You can customize everything in Minecraft, or at least you should be. Apple has been kind of not kind when they try to prevent us from messing around with their stuff. But we still can get around their restriction. Here’s how to install Minecraft PE Texture Packs for iOS.


Install Minecraft PE Texture Packs for iOS Non-Jailbreak

  1. Applications that you will need:
    WinRAR or any ZIP viewer
    iPhone Configuration Utility
    iFunBox or iExplorer
  2. Go to iTunes and download the version of Minecraft PE that you are currently using. If you’re not Jailbreak your device then this shouldn’t be a problem. Once that’s, drag it to your desktop and it should be an .IPA file.
  3. Now download on of our Texture Packs and extract it.
  4. After that, drag and drop the .IPA into WinRAR or something. Once there, open ‘Payload’ and go to minecraftpe.app.
  5. Now copy all the texture files you want and paste them in the minecraftpe.app. Choose copy and replace all. And then close it.
  6. Next, drag and drop iTunes (must be 12.0.1 or under) into the WinRAR. Export the Apple Mobile Device Support.msi and install it (If you have a newer version, uninstall it first).
  7. Now instal the iPhoneConfiguration Utility. Open it up and drag the .IPA into the ‘Applications’ top area.
  8. There’s an item called minecraftpe with its update. Now go into ‘Devices’ and go to the applications tab and uninstall minecraftpe and reinstall it.

IMPORTANT NOTE 1: Plug in you device and back up your save games if you feel like it.
IMPORTANT NOTE 2: If you want to use iTunes again download the newest version of it and drag and drop the iTunes.exe into WinRAR. Then export the Apple Mobile Device Support.msi and install this new version (Uninstall the old version first).

Install Minecraft PE Texture Packs for iOS Jailbreak

  1. Here are the stuff you need:
    iFile (Cydia Default Repo)
  2. First get a texture file choose to ‘Open w/ iFile’.
  3. Then choose extract all files/folders.
  4. Hold down in the folder and choose ‘Select All’. Then go to the bottom right, and choose Copy/Link.
  5. Then go to the home screen and then choose Applications and find the one labeled Minecraft PE. The from there go to minecraftpe.app and choose to paste all the files. Then kill the app. Run it again and enjoy.

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