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EVO Shader Mod V1.2 “REAL ENGINE” (Shader) Texture Pack

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What are special about this game? It comes with great graphics, the lighting of semi-3D Cloud and sun. More shaders texture pack for Minecraft PE here.

How to Play This Text Pack?

Some issues about the compatibility of the game:

  • PowerVR G6200 has to deal with compatibility issue
  • The game’s performance is decided partially by leaves
  • There are 50% in rail transparency
  • Fix Adreno 5XX

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How to Install EVO Shader Mod V1.2 “REAL ENGINE” (Shader) Texture Pack

After accessing file explorer, you should choose .mcpack file for automatic installation. The pack works well with version 1.8 and 1.9.

If you are using iOS, please click here.

For players who use Android, click here.



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