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The Stripe Lands (Temple & Village)

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I thought I’d seen all of it. The Nether, The End, The Farlands, but no, apparently not. The Stripe Lands put far beyond the horizon; very few are ever likely to go there without some kind of cheat (e.g., commands).

You may go there by using some other seed. However, I would advise applying this MCPE temple seed, and then you’re going to have the ability to come across a few structures that are generated there.

Found by: WraithTheRebel

How to get there?

You’ll spawn into a totally ordinary Minecraft world. Nobody could expect that a lot of Minecraft chunks out; you can find lands crazier than most people can imagine. Yes, one of these being The Stripe Lands.

Make sure you’ve cheats enabled in the settings and then type the following text command: /tp @p 20000000 100 1

It is rather tough to move around there. The majority of the full time, you will discover invisible walls obstructing the way. Generated structures as the ones below are non-solid, which means that you could fly directly through them.

Only a bit farther from the temple, you’ll find an abandoned desert village. No more villagers are to be seen.

Teleport: /tp 20000112 92 346

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