The best Minecraft PE Temple Seeds – Bedrock Edition

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Minecraft PE Temple Seeds. The best place to look for loot in Minecraft is the temple. These mysterious structures are full of loot, but they also have many dangerous pitfalls. So before you venture out, make sure you know what you’re doing.

The temples in Minecraft PE are often hard to find and will take you a lot of time. Don’t worry, here we have carefully selected from thousands of discovered MCPE seeds to choose the Best Minecraft PE Temple Seeds for you. Do not hesitate, check them now.

Top 5 Best Minecraft PE Temple Seeds

Lots of Ravines, Villages, Desert Temples & More

It is among the greatest Minecraft PE Temple Seed I Have ever seen. There are a lot of cool points to research, and many of them are packaged in quite smaller areas that are extremely simple to navigate. You’ll come across a lot of ravines, villages, desert temples, exposed dungeons, and far more.

Make sure you have a look at the video review at the bottom of the article if you’d like to have a more comprehensive guide with this particular seed!

Found by: TelepathicGrunt

Cluster 1

This is also the cluster you spawn. Below you’ll locate a desert temple fused to a desert village plus it’ll be placed directly in front of you. Additionally, you will be ready to discover a stronghold under this magnificent structure.

Minecraft PE temple seed

Close for the region, you’ll locate a savannah biome, and there you may discover a double village. All around these villages, you will find three exposed ravines. And among those ravines is fused to some fourth ravine.


  • Spawn – X: 828, Y: 64, Z: 0
  • 4 Villages and Desert Temple together – X: 736, Y: 68, Z: 154
  • Stronghold Portal Room – X: 808, Y: 33, Z: 70
  • Ravine 1 – X: 623, Y: 64, Z: 93
  • Ravine 2 – X: 968, Y: 56, Z: 315
  • Ravine 3 and 4 fused – X: 575, Y: 50, Z: 330

Cluster 2

Go straight forward from spawn, and you’ll quickly hit the 2nd cluster. The moment you find a brilliant tall savanna mountain beside a blossom village and woods, you then know that you’ve reached it. Look towards the top of the side of this mountain, and you will see an exposed zombie dungeon.

Nearby the village is two ravines. The ravine that cuts into the desert mountain has an exposed fossil in it.

And close to the woods, there is an exposed dungeon in the desert. Have a look at the coordinates below to understand where it’s and then place a block to make its sand roof fall into it.


  • Exposed Dungeon in Savanna M – X: 872, Y: 110, Z: 750
  • Savanna Village – X: 741, Y: 69, Z: 672
  • Exposed Dungeon near Flower Forest – X: 1035, Y: 65, Z: 800
  • Ravine 5 with Exposed Fossil – X: 565, Y: 11, Z: 606
  • Ravine 6 – X: 712, Y: 56, Z: 470

Cluster 3

Return straight back to spawn and go at that contrary direction for a little while, and you’ll come across a plain village that touches a savanna village. There’s also a 3rd village beside them.


  • Double Village next to single Village – X: 781, Y: 68, Z: -491

Cluster 4

Turn left once you get to the third cluster and keep straight ahead. Soon you’ll notice a river run alongside a large desert hill. Go around this hill to find a desert village. Near the village, there’s a temple. There’s additionally a ravine nearby with an exposed fossil within it. Look around the ravine for one more desert temple; however, this you are mostly buried.


  • Desert Village near Desert Temple – X: 123, Y: 70, Z: -279
  • Mostly buried Desert Temple – X: -148, Y: 74, Z: -255
  • Ravine 7 with Exposed Fossil – X: -23, Y: 47, Z: -240
  • Ridiculously tall Ravine 8 – X: 107, Y: 75, Z: -58

Video Preview

YouTube video

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The Stripe Lands (Temple & Village) MCPE temple seed

I thought I’d seen all of it. The Nether, The End, The Farlands, but no, apparently not. The Stripe Lands put far beyond the horizon; very few are ever likely to go there without some kind of cheat (e.g., commands).

You may go there by using some other seed. However, I would advise applying this seeds for Minecraft PE with temples, and then you’re going to have the ability to come across a few structures that are generated there.

Found by: WraithTheRebel

How to get there?

You’ll spawn into a totally ordinary Minecraft world. Nobody could expect that a lot of Minecraft chunks out; you can find lands crazier than most people can imagine. Yes, one of these being The Stripe Lands.

Make sure you’ve cheats enabled in the settings and then type the following text command: /tp @p 20000000 100 1

It is rather tough to move around there. The majority of the full time, you will discover invisible walls obstructing the way. Generated structures as the ones below are non-solid, which means that you could fly directly through them.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition temple seed

Only a bit farther from the temple, you’ll find an abandoned desert village. No more villagers are to be seen.

Teleport: /tp 20000112 92 346

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Desert Temple At Spawn Minecraft PE temple seed

If you want to start a new survival world, this will be a Minecraft Pocket Edition temple seed worth trying. It features a temple with a few treasures right at spawn, and only a bit farther away, there is a village with additional items to loot. The surrounding regions include a jungle biome, a desert biome, plus also a savannah biome. That is fine if you would like a couple of distinct alternatives for where to explore next.

Found by: SkyofMeow

The spawn is at a jungle biome that borders a desert biome. Only a bit farther ahead on the right, you’ll locate a desert temple.

You will find the treasure inside the temple by going inside and then destroying the colored blocks in the center, and fall to the treasure room. Beware of the pressure plate because it sets off an explosive trap.

It’s not the best booty, but it’s still useful if you’ve just spawned.

There’s a savannah village just a little furthThere is a savannah village only a bit farther to the left of this temple.

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Two Villages & Two Temples Minecraft Bedrock Edition temple seed

Here’s a really good Temple Seed for Minecraft Bedrock Edition if you want to spawn really close to two temples, some villages and a stronghold. It’s mainly the temples which are the most interesting since they are the ones which include some really useful items which anyone will most likely find incredibly useful when starting a new survival adventure.

Found by: TheHolelyCowHC

The spawn is very close to the two villages. You just have to walk straight ahead for about 50 blocks to get there.

Find the well in the desert village and then jump down into it, dig your way through some blocks and then eventually you will find the entrance to a stronghold.

Just a bit further away from the desert village you will be able to find two separated temples. Both of them combined includes some amazing loot.

Minecraft Pocket Edition temple seed

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Three Villages & One Temple At Spawn

This can be an exciting Minecraft PE temple seed that includes three distinct villages (plus one sand temple) in 3 different biomes. They all may be found quite a near spawn, and there are tons of great loot that you’ll be able to choose in the chests located at the temple along with a blacksmith. It is a great seed for survival mode because it is going to allow you to get tons of precious items only in a couple of minutes from the start.

Found by: TheGrimReaper0880

The spawn is on the edge of a valley and desert biome. Directly ahead, you will find a village at the plains biome, and in your right, you’ll locate a desert village.

Neither of those villages is particularly large. But, there was a blacksmith in the plain village who had a chest with some neat loot.

Here’s a listing of the loot that the chest contains.

  • Two bread
  • Three golden ingots
  • One iron horse armor
  • One iron boots

If you continue straight ahead but deviate a little to the left towards the sand biome, you will find a sand temple. You should not miss it.

seeds for minecraft PE for temples

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More Temple Seeds for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Keep digging through hundreds of awesome Minecraft PE Temple Seeds below.

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Three Villages & One Temple At Spawn

This can be an exciting Minecraft Pocket Edition temple seed that includes three distinct villages (plus one sand temple) in 3 different biomes. They...

Two Villages & Two Temples

Here’s a really good Minecraft PE temple seed if you want to spawn really close to two temples, some villages and a stronghold. It’s...

Desert Temple At Spawn

If you want to start a new survival world, this will be a seeds for Minecraft PE sand temple worth trying. It features a...

The Stripe Lands (Temple & Village)

I thought I'd seen all of it. The Nether, The End, The Farlands, but no, apparently not. The Stripe Lands put far beyond the...