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Texture Packs For Minecraft PE

Here you can download MCPE Texture Packs iOS & Android for iOS and Android. All kinds of colorful Minecraft Texture Packs PE absolutely free at high speed are updated daily.

Enhanced Vanilla Shader Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

The purpose of this pack is increasing the efficiency of the shadow and the torch light. It helps improve the reality and the creation of this game. It is obvious that the game has a perfect combination of the original Minecraft design and the small realism. Founded by: RyFol How to Install Enhanced Vanilla Shader Texture Pack If …

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Piggies [16×16] Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

This pack makes impressive by the high simplicity and a low resolution. Although the game comes with fewer details, it is interesting as well. Look at the first image. It has great trees and green leaves. At the first time, it is designed for the PC version. However, the game is ported to Minecraft Pocket Edition now. Pay …

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Halloween [16×16] Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

This pack includes all you need for a Halloween, including mummy sheeps, zombie pigs, and ghosts. It is an ideal option for those who are looking for an upcoming Halloween. With scary textures, the game is designed for gloomy graphics that are suitable for Halloween. Besides, the sky makes impressive by orange-red color. How does Halloween [16×16] Texture …

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Throwing TNT & Dynamite Addon for Minecraft PE

A new feature of this game is the equipment of 4 explosives items. These items allow you to change the terrain or set up other Minecraft things. Besides, they come with special explosion powers with the different working methods. Founded by: CaptainJoe143 How to Play Throwing TNT & Dynamite Addon Access the inventory and pick your new items. …

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Java Sounds, Liquids and Fire Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Compared to Java Edition, this texture pack shares many similarities. By making use of shaders, the pack helps change lava and fire. It also equips Java Edition sounds in the pack. You will find the old PC GUI Pack (v6.4.6) with better improvement in Java Sounds, Liquids, and Fire Texture Pack. How does Java Sounds, Liquids and Fire …

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Bendy and the Ink Machine Heads Pack for Minecraft PE

Heads of the Ink Machine and Bendy are the replacement of skulls and heads in Minecraft. They are very useful in decorating your world. They remain the same behaviors until they are worn. Therefore, this game is so great for fans of Bendy and the Ink Machine. Founded by: FH_Miner How to Install Bendy and the Ink Machine …

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Animated Pack [64×64] for Minecraft PE

The purpose of this pack is making your worlds alive and beautiful. With vibrant animations, it provides 150 blocks. The game becomes more realistic with the waving plants. Let’s discover the pack by yourself. Founded by: Sprintermax What are Animated Blocks? Watch the following .GIF animation to see how the pack looks like. See the animations by clicking …

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Haven Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

This pack inspires the atmosphere of summer 2017. Compared to the default version, it is more polished and unified. The pack is in the process of completing. However, it still looks beautiful and helps you relax. How does Haven Texture Pack work? Founded by: sixfootblue Follow this spreadsheet to know what you should do with this texture pack. …

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