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Texture Packs For Minecraft PE

Here you can download MCPE Texture Packs 1.0.6, for iOS and Android. All kinds of colorful Minecraft Texture Packs PE absolutely free at high speed are updated daily.

RPG Music Sound Pack for Minecraft PE

In this pack, different music bites are replaced by songs with the epic, dark and bombastic style. You can image these songs like the music of The Lord of the Rings or Skyrim. They are completely suitable for riding a horse and listening to music. Let’s give this game a try, and I ensure that it won’t let …

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Fidget Spinner Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

For people who are looking for a great method to relax, Fidget Spinner Texture Pack should be the first priority. As a fun toy, it guarantees to make you feel happy in many aspects. The most typical feature of this pack is the capability of spinning in many directions. It works as you expect. Let’s enjoy the game …

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Softer Rain Sounds Pack for Minecraft PE

If you prefer the quietness or the soft sound in a game, the Softer Rain Sounds Pack is an ideal option. Everything in this game comes with the softer sounds for your ears. It means you still can hear sounds in this pack but with the soft level. Even the sound of a creeper moving is easy to …

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Better Grass Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

The purpose of this texture pack is making the world of plants become more realistic. These types of plants include leaves, grass, and the others. Although it is a small change, it helps boost the appearance of this pack in an effective way. A big plus of the pack is that it takes a small space in your …

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Feathercloud Deluxe [128×128] Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

  In Feathercloud Deluxe [128×128] Texture Pack, you can see the perfect combination between complex and simple textures. It is suitable for people who love the blocky but deep design. Moreover, with  the 128x resolution, you have a good chance to enjoy a HD pack in details. This texture pack is founded by Jnaejnae (original PC pack) and …

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Fire in the Furnace Resource Pack for Minecraft PE

Enjoy the realistic animations with this pack. After you fire up a furnace, you will see a fire appearing inside it. Blocks and items get great animations that contribute significantly to your experience. Let’s give it a try now. Founded by: pixelman546 How to play Fire in the Furnace Resource Pack? Look at these following items with animations. …

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Green Screen Pack for Minecraft PE

For people who want to edit photo or video, this pack is a good recommendation. With chroma keying, you can change your background into an elegant static image or an attractive video footage. As the replacement of the lime green wool, the green screen block guarantees to make you happy in many aspects. Founded by: AmandaDanielle5 How does …

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Rainbow Enchants HD Resource Pack for Minecraft PE

Do you want to make your enchanted armor more attractive? Let’s enjoy Rainbow Enchants HD Resource Pack. The pack comes with the great animation and a wide range of colors, which contribute significantly to the beauty of your weapons, elytra wings, and armors. Founded by: Aurukel How does Rainbow Enchants HD Resource Pack work? The first requirement is …

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