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Kawaii World Texture Pack [16×16] for Minecraft PE – v1.0.2 – Nether Update

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Add more colors to your game’s graphics by enjoying Kawaii World Texture Pack. This pack brings many colorful themes to your game and it is considered as the replacement of most of items and blocks. Moreover, you can enjoy the cute Japanese when playing this pack.

The 16 x 16 texture pack for Minecraft Bedrock Edition is founded by mariiecx and ported by D4nielamc.

How does Kawaii World Texture Pack work?



The soul torch has been corrected – change and improvement of the buttons on the main screen, (such as the pause, the emotes, the messages and the crouch); It also fixed a variety of files in the UI, such as arrows, craft toggle buttons, tool icons and more …

Incorporation: The buttons of the settings interface were added, (details are still missing, but they will be added in future updates) – The emotes interface was also added, the horse folder with its respective textures was integrated, it was integrated between the folder of blocks and items some elements as well as in the entities folder, and some sections of the GUI were textured.

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