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Village, Pillager Outpost, & Witch Hut At Spawn Seed

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When using this minecraft pe village seed, you will be spawn in a village. Looking around you will see a witch hut and a bad ravine. If you travel off in the northeastern detection (Positive X and Positive Z), you will find a Pillager outpost.

Go to coordinates x: 472: y 72 z: -926 you will find another village. There are also three ravines at those coordinates.

In this seed, you will spawn in a village. With the following loot, Leather Chest Plate x1, Leather Leggings x1, Emerald x2, and Bread x3. There is also a terrible ravine connected to the village.

There is also a witch hut with a portion of speed x1 for 3 minutes.

Another feature of this seed is a pillar outpost. In there the loot is Crossbow x1, Arrow x4, XP Bottle x1, Potato x5, Carrot x4, and Dark oak log x6.

If you go to coordinates x: 472: y 72 z: -926 you will find another village. Its loot is as follows. Iron pickaxe x1, Leather helmet x2, Leather pants x1, Leather boots x1, Map x2, Bread x6, Apple x10, Potato x11, and Sapling x4.

There are also three ravines. They have a total of 5 diamonds

By the way, I dug that hole so you could see all the diamonds.

I hope you enjoy this lovely seed.

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Seed Number:-2119251437
Minecraft:Pocket Edition/PE/Bedrock Edition
Tested On:Minecraft PE 1.11+ (Bedrock)


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