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Skeleton Dungeon At Spawn Seeds for Minecraft PE

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Skeleton Dungeon At Spawn Seed has been overspreaded above ground just left of spawn. Dungeons are usually generated in tunnels and caved deep underground. However, they sometimes have been found above ground as well.

Found by: CiferGamerZ

Skeleton Dungeon At Spawn Seed in details

The spawn is right in front of a large ocean. Look to the left of spawn  and you will easily find the dungeon. It’s sheltered by some trees. The dungeon here doesn’t contain any chests which as usual but it’s definitely a unique seed.

The skeletons won’t spawn until it’s dark so it’s safe to explore during the day.

Because the skeleton will not spawn until it’s dark outside, it’s safe for you to explore the things during the day.

(Some skeletons have been spawned in the above image)

Seed: -405670709



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