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Chain of Survival Islands with Coral Reef, Shipwrecks, Ruins, & More Seed for Minecraft PE

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The place where you spawn is in an ocean with many coral reefs. Then, you no longer see a variety of structures here. Check them in the following parts of our page. Are you ready to discover many improvements of the Update Aquatic?

How to Play Chain of Survival Islands

Founded by: Kittycrew27

List of Coordinates for Location

[tie_list type=”heart”]

  • Shipwreck has 2932 36 44 in coordination in 3 chests
  • Buried Treasure has 2902 60 -58 in coordination
  • Ruins #1 has 2924 31 -4 in coordination in different chests and structures
  • Ruins #2 has 2901 36 188 in coordination in a chest
  • Iceberg Biome has 2981 63 236 in coordination





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