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Worldedit PE (Android) Mod for Minecraft PE

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This mod is a smart choice for people who are looking for the best ways to set up wonderful creations in Minecraft. It allows you to discover more than 20 distinct commands. There is a selection tool for editing your world or adding something new to the mod.

Founded by: GhostGaming_HD


Look at these following examples. They describe a full package of commands in this page. Here are several effective ways for using this mod.

For instance, building an Egyptian pyramid becomes much easier than ever before. Depending on your favor, you can select the type and size of the commands.

A popular type of structure when using this mod is the sphere.

It is advisable for you to choose two positions first with the support of the wand. Remember to type //wand before giving your selection tool.

Follow our guides to edit two corners of the structure.

  • Position 1: Make a long press on the block when you hold the wand.
  • Position 2: You need to tap on the block when you hold the wand.

After choosing the right region, you could enjoy a variety of commands. In the following example, I try to connect different blocks to diamond blocks.

Move on another effective type of command, which is called the move command.

You must decide the region by making use of the wand tool.

Next, the move command (//move [count] [direction] [leave-block]) plays an essential role in moving the command. In this example, I can move up to 20 blocks up in the sky.


Working based on the PC mod, this mod has the similar name. Keep in mind that reading the wiki is a necessary task before exploring a great number of functions.

  • //center <block>
  • //cyl <block> <radius>[,<radius>] [height]
  • //edges <block>
  • //faces <block>
  • //hcyl <block> <radius>[,<radius>] [height]
  • //hollow <block>
  • //hpyramid <block> <size>
  • //hsphere <block> <radius>[,<radius>,<radius>] [raised?]
  • //line <block> [thickness]
  • //move [count] [direction] [leave-block]
  • //pyramid <block> <size>
  • //replace [from-block] <to-block>
  • //set <block>
  • //sphere <block> <radius>[,<radius>,<radius>] [raised?]
  • //stack [count] [direction]
  • //undo
  • //walls <block>
  • //wand

Notice: It requires you to have BlockLauncher to activate this mod.

Download (MediaFire)


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