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Here you can download Mods for Minecraft PE 1.0.6, for iOS and Android. Description to each mod painted in great detail. MCPE 1.0.6, Mods are updated daily.

Plants vs Zombies Warfare Mod for Minecraft PE

This mod presents the fight between plants and zombies. It is called the third-person in the original version. Feel wonderful to enjoy the funnies you can get from this game. Are you ready to enjoy the game now? How to Play Plants vs Zombies Warfare Mod Watch this video below to know more about the mod. It guarantees to make …

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WoodEdit (World Edit) (Android) Mod for Minecraft PE

The players will find this tool great in setting up creations of Minecraft. Remember to use a third-party launcher to apply this mod to Android. With this mod, there is no need of requiring many text commands. You should use wooden tools for editing the world. Founded by: Jakub How to Play WoodEdit (World Edit) (Android) Mod Modify …

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Dyeable Armor Mod (Android) for Minecraft PE

If you are using Android and looking for a great way to turn your armor into your favorite color, you should pay attention to Dyeable Armor Mod (Android). Dyeing is a simple task with this mod. You can dye most of the items without any difficulty. One fact is that it is a little bit challengeable to use …

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Damage Indicator Mod (Android) for Minecraft PE

  This mod offers more useful options in the left corner of the user interface. It is popularly used in many games such as WoW, Diablo, etc. The data will appear once you create the interaction with a mob. It includes the information about the type of mob and its health. Founded by: Wartave How to Play Damage …

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SinglePlayer Economy Mod for Minecraft PE

Enjoy the fantastic in-game economy with SinglePlayer Economy Mod. You have a great chance to select a suitable job by overcoming small tasks. You can use the money to buy kits and items. This game is perfect for people who love the simplicity. Strongly hope that it will have new improvements in the future. Founded by: CatGirl678 Access …

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Slope Blocks Mod (iOS, Android & Windows 10!) for Minecraft PE

This pack is a perfect option for different devices such as Windows 10, iOS, and Android. It changes 21 square blocks into slope ones, which contribute to building up the smooth and realistic structures. Founded by: Jimbo_Acob How to Play Slope Blocks Mod The main difference of this mod compared to other packs is that it changes the …

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Craftable Spawn Eggs Mod for Minecraft PE

This mod provides a simple but effective way to get some new mobs. All you need to do is letting some chickens lay eggs. 9 eggs allow you to craft your favorite eggs of mob in an easy way. You will need some iron ingots to complete your crafting task. Founded by: Anonymous52 Recipes of Crafting Notice: You …

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Entity Remover Mod for Minecraft PE

  This mod is highly appreciated by the great simplicity and usefulness. With this game, you can say goodbye with entities, which let them disappear. Founded by: Pixeldroid How to Play Entity Remover Mod Imagine you are walking outside to enjoy the fresh air. However, there is a creeper appearing, and it starts exploding. You will put in …

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