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Girlfriend in Minecraft PE

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I am sure that most of us need this mod. It is Girlfriend Mod in Minecraft PE. I certainly would be very excited about it.

About this Girlfriend mod in Minecraft PE

This mod adds a new feature to the game. That is, you will be able to spawn a girlfriend using a flower. Girlfriend will not look real but that it will somehow help us reduce feelings of loneliness.

How can I find her in-game?

Find a red poppy flower (ID: 38) in Minecraft PE and use the item. It will act as a spawn egg and make the girlfriend appear.

When she is spawned she will walk around quietly for a while before starting to exchanging some words.

Note: If you exit the world where your girlfriend was spawned and then return to that world, she will wear the skin as a cow. You can use another red poppy flower to revive her skin to its original appearance.

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