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Weapons Case Loot Mod (Android) for Minecraft PE

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Enjoy the appearance of 24 swords in this mod. An effective way to get these swords is getting them from killed mobs. It allows you to get new weapons for your adventure. This mod is appropriate for Android equipment.

Founded by: Wartave

How does Weapons Case Loot Mod work?

Experience 2 methods to get necessary weapons.

Try to defeat other mobs to get new weapons. The roulette game will begin when you keep the item and choose the button of loot. Get a weapon randomly by making use of the item.

Another way is using the creative mode. In the Search tab, you should type “sword” and find out all swords.

Each weapon comes with a particular power. Press the button to enable the power.

There are 24 swords in the game. Especially, 3 swords are very powerful, while the others only change attack damages.


YouTube video

How to Install Weapons Case Loot Mod

  1. Download .ModPKG
  2. Convert the file to BlockLauncher or other applications



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