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Vertex Client Mod (Android) for Minecraft PE

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Vertex Client is a multifunctional game you can enjoy in Minecraft. It plays an important role in enhancing your abilities of movement as well as mob building. The game is ideal for both single player and multiplayer. A big plus of the mod is that it comes with many helpful items to do cheating.

With 50 unique characteristics, it guarantees to make you feel happy in many aspects.

Founded by: VertexHX

How to Play Vertex Client Mod

Look at the left corner of the display. It has some buttons, which allow you to enjoy modding characteristics and the hacks.

It is advisable for you to enter the dashboard for editing the settings. Opening the dashboard is easy by making a long tap on the VX button. Feel great to customize buttons and colors of the game.

Key features

There is a wide range of self-explanatory features to discover. Check the list of features as the following.

A great feature of the movement is the ability to control other players. I’m proud of the riding position because it works smoothly in many cases.

The wallhack allows you to go through walls effectively.

Now you can attack many strongholds without any difficulty.

Your task is coming to the gate and passing it. This mod is very efficient in PvP.

The next feature we should mention here is TapNuke. All you need to do is tapping everywhere you want.

If you need the support, write .help to receive help.

Check the collection of features by clicking here.

Demo Video

YouTube video

How to Install Vertex Client Mod

Download .modpkg


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