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Toolbox Mod for Minecraft PE 0.12.0/0.12.1

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Toolbox Mod is the most important mod in Minecraft PE version 0.12.x .Because from now on, the later mods must use Toolbox Mod.

It will help you create everything if you need.It can access all types of blocks, items and furnitures and changing settings in-game such as the weather, the game mode and much more ….It’s very useful and solve problems very fast.


  • Access all existing items & blocks
  • Enchanting system for items
  • Switch between creative/survival, Overworld/Nether, flying
  • Kill, heal, set health (1-100 HP), restore hunger
  • Set spawn position & teleport there
  • Set time of day, turn off time, disable ticking
  • Weather (no rain/rain/much rain)
  • Potion effects: remove all, add
  • Remove items from inventory
  • Entities: spawn, kill, set on fire, set health
  • Show/hide M button
  • Teleportation system with screenshots
Toolbox Mod
Toolbox Mod
Toolbox Mod
Toolbox Mod
Toolbox Mod

Install Guide:

  1. Download the .APK.
  2. Use ES File Manager (or any other file manager app) to locate the downloaded file (toolbox mod.apk).
  3. Tap on the file to install it (Block launcher is required to successfully install the addon).
  4. After you’ve finished the installation it’s done and you can go in-game to use Toolbox!

Author: MCMrArm


Download (Google Play)


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