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Throwable Axes Mod for Minecraft PE

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There are certain weapons in the current game of Minecraft Pocket Edition that are meant to be more than a form of melee attacks. Take the Axe for instance. Axes are great for bashing people’s heads wide open, as well as everything else. But more often or not, they do not get completely glued to you hand. So here is the Throwable Axes Mod. A mod that allows you to throw your axes.

If you have ever touched an axe, you will know that it is bloody heavy. It takes a lot of training and getting used to to really use the axe without hurting yourself. So wielding an axe with one hand and bashing Creepers with it is obviously something that only Steve can do. But while the list of Steve’s super human powers and abilities deserves a post all on its own, he still can’t throw his axe at his enemies. Well, he now can.

throwable axes

How to throw Throwable Axes?

Throwable Axes are not your typical axes that you get in the default game. You have to craft one from a default axe and 8 feathers. The recipes go like this:

  • Throwable Wooden Axe (500) – 1 wooden axe + 8 feathers
  • Throwable Stone Axe (501) – 1 stone axe + 8 feathers
  • Throwable Iron Axe (502) – 1 iron axe + 8 feathers
  • Throwable Gold Axe (503) – 1 gold axe + 8 feathers
  • Throwable Diamond Axe (504) – 1 diamond axe + 8 feathers

throwable axes

Depending on the material of your axe will your throw do different damage. Diamond Axes obviously do more damage than Wooden Axes. You can throw your axe similarly to how you fire your arrows. The longer you hold down your finger, the harder you will throw. You can retrieve your axe after throwing it. Basically, it works like your bow and arrows, but does more damage, but takes up one less item slot. Also, axes do not stack.




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