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Spider-Man Mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5

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Spider-Man Mod is a special mod which was made by GeekMC.This mod was inspired by a comic and movie which has a similar name is Spider-Man.

Spider-Man is a character who has special abilities like a spider.He was too well known for skills such as climbing walls and enlarge.With this mod, you not only look like him but you also have his skills.Firstly, you need to craft Spider-Man Disguise.Then you craft this  Spider-Man  armor set and equip it.You will have all abilities of him.

Spider-Man Mod
Spider-Man Mod
Spider-Man Mod

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Spider Web Shooter (502) – 2 cobweb + 3 lapis lazuli + 1 bow + 3 redstone dust
  • Mega Jump (503) – 4 arrows, 1 leather glove, 3 bows
  • Mini Jump (504) – 8 cobwebs + 1 leather glove
  • Spider-Man Disguise (507) – 3 red wool + 3 blue wool + 1 leather helmet + 1 leather tunic + 1 leather boots
  • Leather Glove (505) – 4 leathers




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