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Furniture Mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5

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Furniture Mod is a cool mod which is about furniture in Minecraft PE. This mod was made by ziadoesminecraft.

With this mod, you will have many new items in the game. Such as Laptop, Fridge and Freezer, Lamp, Wooden and Cobblestone table.Each of them also has different feature. For example, if you touch the lower part of the refrigerator, you will get some cooked chicken. This mod is so simple but it is so interesting with new items.

Author: ziadoesminecraft

Note: This mod is quite old. We recommend one of the following mods instead: more Minecraft PE Furniture mod download


Crafting Recipes:

  1. Laptop: 6 iron bars and 3 redstones
  2. Fridge & freezer: 6 irons bars and 3 cooked chickens.
  3. Wooden / Cobblestone table: 3 planks + 2 sticks, 3 cobblestone + 2 sticks
  4. Lamp: 6 redstone + 3 torches, turn it on and off by tapping it

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