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Extraboots Mod for Minecraft PE 0.15.0/0.14.3/0.14.0

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The Extraboots Mod adds 8 new boots to the game which will add some type of special effect when worn. Get immune to fire, launch up into the air like a rocket, and turn water into ice are some of the abilities for the boots. All of these Extraboots are quite difficult to craft, which is fine enough because it makes the game feels balanced and not overpowered.

All credit goes to SphinxyPE

Customable Boots (ID: 700) –  1 diamond boots + 8 crafting tables

Saitama’s Boots (ID: 606): Water obstacles are issues no more. All the water beneath your feet will be frozen to ice.

Saitama’s Boots (606) – 1 slimy boots + 1 rabbit boots + 1 rocket boots + 1 fish boots + 1 magma boots + 1 speed boots + 1 anvil + 2 iron ingots

extraboots mod

Fish Boots (ID: 605): Become immune to fire. Fire can no longer burn or damage you. Feel like Ghost Rider and leave a faire trail behind you as you move.

Fish Boots (605) – 1 anvil + 3 ice blocks + 4 water buckets + 1 customable boots

extraboots mod

Magma Boots (ID: 604): These magma boots will greatly increase your speed.

Magma Boots (604) – 2 netherrack + 1 customable boots + 3 lava buckets + 1 anvil + 2 obsidians

extraboots mod

Speed Boots (ID: 603): These are supposed to give you extra speed. However, right now, it appears as if they are buggy and do nothing at all. Hopefully, this will be fixed in the upcoming future.

Speed Boots (603) – 4 feathers + 4 gunpowders + 1 customable boots

Slimy Boots (ID: 602): These slimy boots will have a similar effect as the slime blocks. I really tried to make the most out of them but could not find any really effective use for them. But perhaps you guys might think of something! They are not green, so that is a little disappointing.

Slimy Boots (602) – 1 anvil + 7 slimeballs + 1 customable boots

extraboots mod

Rabbit Boots (ID: 601): Boost your ability to jump and you are now able to jump five blocks high. You would still be taking fall damage, though.  Fortunately, these boots also serve as protection so you would take reduced damage.

Rabbit Boots (601) – 1 anvil + 7 rabbit foot + 1 customable boots

extraboots mod

Rocket Boots (ID: 600): Launch up into the air like a rocket and leave a trail of fire and smoke behind you. (Basically these extraboots enable flying in survival mode.)

Rocket Boots (600)  – 2 iron ingots + 3 flint and steel + 1 anvil + 1 customable boots

extraboots mod



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