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Dragon Mounts Mod for Minecraft PE

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Dragon Mounts Mod is an interesting and beautiful mod that was made by Wartave. It is about dragons in Minecraft PE. This dragon mod for Minecraft PE adds seven new dragons to you. Those are so beautiful. Each first dragon must be open when using the egg, and once they had grown to the full size of all, they can be ridden and used as flying mounts.

You should do build a fenced area that can be used for hatching a dragon egg. And then put down a dragon egg blank inside fenced areas. Use the same type of item to tame the dragon, such as using Blaze Rods to tame Blaze Dragon. And last, you step up to the dragon and then tap on the back of it to use an empty slot to ride it—goals in the direction you want to fly.

Dragon Mounts
Dragon Mounts
Dragon Mounts
Dragon Mounts
Dragon Mounts
Dragon Mounts
Dragon Mounts
Dragon Mounts

Items IDs and Crafting recipes:

  • Dragon Egg Empty (512) – 4 obsidians + 4 golden apples + 1 egg
  • Blaze Rod (369) or Blaze Powder (377) = Blaze Dragon
  • Bucket (325) = Ocean Dragon
  • Feather (288) = Cloud Dragon
  • Obsidian (49) = End Dragon
  • Oak Sapling (6), Oak Leaves (18), Vines (106) or Dead Shrub (31) = Jungle Dragon
  • Moss Stone (48) = Anfisbaena Dragon
  • Diamond (264) = Diamond Dragon





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