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Danxupe Furniture Mod (Android) for Minecraft PE

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This Furniture Mod for MCPE offers a huge source of 10 furniture to decorate your house. Because Danxupe Furniture Mod (Android) is in the progress, it has still left some limitations. Hope it will have new improvements in the future.

As the replacement of original blocks of Minecraft, the furniture blocks bring a new look to your game. Remember not to press the “Back” button to be out of the menu to avoid crashing your device.

Founded by: Danxupe

How to Play Danxupe Furniture Mod (Android)

Your task is attending the creative inventory, choosing the menu button of building blocks, and scrolling down to the bottom. Although the furniture lacks of suitable icons, the mod is still useful with pressure plates icons and wooden blocks.

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How to Install Danxupe Furniture Mod (Android)

Notice: You need to use the newest BlockLauncher version to activate this mod.

First, open the ES File Explorer. Then, choose Downloads folder. Click the downloaded .apk file to set it up.



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