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Maps for Minecraft PE

Collection of the best Minecraft Pe Maps 1.0.6, for iOS and Android will help you change game world. We update MCPE maps daily. Easy to install!

Castle Wars [Minigame] (Addon!) Map for Minecraft PE

If you are in the battle with the mission of protecting the king and country, you should have a strong team including both players and non-players. Here is a fierce battle that requires you to spawn in your own guards. Try to be the winner or you will lose the battle. Founded by: ShaolinMiner How to play Castle …

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SpawnEgg House [Creation] (1.0.6+ Only!)  Map for Minecraft PE

What is the special thing about this map? It has the particular item for spawning structures in Minecraft, which you have not ever seen before in other maps. Leave your comments if you know about this special map. Founded by: SpartanRage The best way to spawn a house There is no challenge in spawning a house. All you …

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SkyWars [PvP] (1.0.5 Only!) Map for Minecraft PE

Here is a popular map with the perfect combination between PvP and Skyblock. In this game, players must come through multiplayer to become the last standing ones. Therefore, their responsibility is spawning on various islands and making use of available resources. The gameplay space includes one main island and 8 other small islands. Try to land on the …

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Reverse Dropper PE [Minigame] (1.0.5 Only!) Map for Minecraft PE

The Reverse Dropper PE [Minigame] (1.0.5 Only!) Map features all you need like an ordinary dropper map. The biggest difference between them is that Reverse Dropper PE [Minigame] (1.0.5 Only!) Map requires you to go up instead of going down thanks to a levitation effect. This game has 4 different levels for players to enjoy. Are you ready …

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De_Dust (CS:GO) [PvP] (1.0.5 Only!) Map for Minecraft PE

As a replica of Counter Strike map, De_Dust (CS:GO) [PvP] (1.0.5 Only!) guarantees to bring the great feelings to players. The basic requirement is that you need at least two players to start your game. The responsibility of command blocks is transporting inside the map and building items at the shop. This is worth considering as a wonderful …

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10 Command Block Creations [Redstone] (1.0.5 Only!) Map for Minecraft PE

When it comes to using this map, you have a good chance to discover up to 10 text commands. To build up strong mechanisms, you can try several ways to make a combination between different command blocks and other related redstone blocks. We strongly hope that you can have great ideas when using this block for building. Founded …

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Lucky Blocks (Demo) (Command Blocks) [Redstone] Map for Minecraft PE

The redstone creation in this map can replace the sponge by a lucky block. It also equips special behaviors to discover. You can find added lucky blocks in many add-ons and mods, however, these blocks firstly appear in a map like Lucky Blocks (Demo) (Command Blocks) [Redstone]. The drawback of this feature is the only compatibility of the …

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