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Disney’s EPCOT Center Map

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This is Disney’s EPCOT Center, a custom recreation by Mickeynerd17 Productions, giving a Minecraft twist to the Iconic Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. More creation maps for MCPE here.

Welcome to Epcot Center, welcome to the 21st century!


Instagram: Mickeynerd17_Productions
YouTube: Mickeynerd17_Productions

As part of the Sights and Sounds update, Future World now features in-park music including such classics as Tomorrow’s Child and One Little Spark among others. Each of the ten kiosks around Future World will activate the music if it’s not already playing, and each track will continue to loop even when your out of range! If you want to explore the park with no sound, simply turn the sound volume down in player settings. 

Music Kiosk Example:

Park Map:

Transportation and Ticket Center (Spawn):

Parking Lots B and D, and parking tram station: 

Parking Lots A and C, Epcot Monorail Station, and main entrance:

Bus Loop:

Photos of the pavilions:


Spaceship Earth

Universe of Energy

Wonders of Life 


Video showing Horizons construction and a POV ridethrough:

YouTube video

World of Motion


Journey into Imagination

The Land 

The Living Seas





United Kingdom


  • Remodeled and expanded Communicore to be more realistic and more accurate to how its real-life counterpart looked as well as adding some new features and experiences that were missing.
  • Rebuilt the front section of the Living Seas to better portray the offerings of the pavilion. Changes include:
  • Rebuilt queue, pre-show theaters, hydrolators, and a brand-new Seabase Alpha complete with six modules full of ocean exhibits and a diver lockout chamber.
  • Fixed minecart glitch when using park audio.


If the .Mcworld file does not work, here are the steps to play.
1. Find the file
2. Rename to .zip
3. Unzip file and put unzipped file in minecraftWorlds folder
4. Restart Minecraft

Supported Minecraft versions




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