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Prison Life [Minigame]

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This MCPE minigame maps was created based on inspiration from a game in ROBOX called “Prison Life.”

It’s a multiplayer minigame. In it, the guards must guard the prisoners and prevent them from escaping from prison. It’s an entirely open-ended map because there is no strict path a player must go. The only way the prisoners can win is to escape, but that also puts them at risk of being killed.

Creator: NateTGMYouTube

How to play?

The recommended number of players for joining this game is 2 to 6 people. We will have two teams: the guards and the prisoners.

And to be fair, the number of players on each team should be equal. If it is impossible to divide the number of players equally on each team, the prisoner’s side should have more players than the guards.

  • Prisoners: As a prisoner, your task is to find a way out of prison without getting caught. If a prisoner escapes, he must immediately go to the Criminal Base to get weapons and use them to break out the remaining prisoners.
  • Guards: Guards have to protect and rule the prison. The guards have the right to decide when to release the prisoners or go to mealtime and so on.

Recommend: You should act a bit realistic and try to roleplay your decisions.


  • Don’t break blocks
  • Play in survival mode
  • No cheating


  • Bugs fixed
  • Alarms
  • Store
  • Bank
  • Houses

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