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Natural Disasters Survival [Minigame]

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This MCPE mini game maps was created based on inspiration from a minigame in ROBLOX called “Survive the Disaster.”

In this map, all players will spawn in an area where soon some natural disaster occurs. Players must survive for as long as possible and must try to be the last to survive.

You should not find ways to eliminate other players from the competition by killing them to become the last survivor, but instead, try to help each other to overcome all challenges.

Creator: Jerry8860

How to play?

This map will be more interesting to play with many of your friends. In which one player must enter the central Control Room to select a disaster. Following that, all players will teleport to a new area where a disaster will occur.

Many disasters are waiting for you here, for example, from fire disasters to TNT rain. If you die, you will respawn in the lobby. You can keep an eye on the on-going game by stepping on the pressure plate.

Remember: Don’t cheat by breaking blocks.


  • Special Maps
    • Sunrise City (Disaster: TNT Rain)
  • New Maps
    • Castle
    • City
  • New Disaster
    • Sand Storm
  • Easy mode (enchanted golden apples given)
  • Ability to choose map and disaster yourself (except for the Special Maps)
  • Multi-disasters (beta)
  • Halloween Features
    • NOTE from creator: I know Halloween is over but I will remove the Halloween features in the next update
    • Jack o’Lanterns everywhere
    • Halloween Special: Costume Kits! Dress up!

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