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SinglePlayer Economy Mod for MCPE

The SinglePlayer Economy Mod adds an in-game economy system to the game. So what does economy mean? Well, kids. It is basically when someone has to go get a job to pay their bills, because no one would ever want to do that for you unless they are your parents. And even they have to die sometimes. You can choose between two different jobs and earn money by completing simple tasks. The money can be used for purchasing items, kits, supplies, and food. So that is basically real life at its original form. At this point in time it is relatively basic but we can obviously see that it has great potential if this mod continues to be updated.

All credit goes to CatGirl678

Press the Economy Menu button on the right side of the screen to access the economy menu. Here you can select to enter the Jobs and Shop menus.

singleplayer economy

You can begin by having a look at the different existing jobs. Right now there are only two jobs available. But considering that this is the SinglePlayer Economy Mod, that is plenty of job opportunities if you have actually applied for jobs. Tap on either of the jobs to get the job.

  • Lumberjack: Earn your money by cutting down trees.
  • Miner: Earn your money by mining blocks.

In this case, I have decided to pursuit a career in the lumberjack business. After some extremely hard work (which I really do), I had earned enough money to buy something. So I decided to go shopping.

singleplayer economy

Open the Economy Menu and go to Shop. Currently there are not that many things for you to buy. But more stuff might be added in a future update. For now, I just buy some diamonds because they are hard to get.

singleplayer economy

You can quit your job anytime you want to find another job. That is kind of like real life, only easier. Type /help in the chat for more information on The SinglePlayer Economy Mod.


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