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Minecraft PE BETA (Xbox One/Windows 10/Android)

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A new beta version of Minecraft PE has been released, which eliminates some bugs. The developer added new Experimental Caves and Cliffs Features. There are many changes related to the Powder Snow block. The big feature of this update is the new Nether Ambient Sounds. From this version, you will hear new music in the Nether.

Don’t forget to enable experimental features in BETA VERSION to all add all-new Powder Snow changes

Below, we’ve prepared a complete list of innovations and bug fixes for you.

Latest beta version:

MCPE BETA updates:

Snow powder:

  • The powder snow block will emit particles when an entity is moving inside it or landing on it.
  • The player or any mobs inside powder snow blocks will be subjected to a gradual freezing effect.
  • When the players or mobs catch fire, the freezing effect will be removed.
  • Turn freeze effect off or on in survival mode by using game rule, e.g.: “/gamerule freezedamage false.”
  • Mobs falling into powder snow can move in it.
  • The burning mobs will be extinguished when entering the powder snow.
  • No longer can place Redstone dust, torches, and item frames on powder snow.
  • Gravity blocks no longer break when falling in the powder snow.
  • In powder snow blocks, the third-person camera no longer pushed
  • to the inside of the character’s head.
  • Mobs spawned in Powder Snow no longer have a risk of spawning underground.
  • Powder snow block is no longer available in Creative Inventory anymore.
  • Powder snow block no longer stops projectiles in Bedrock.
  • Lightweight mobs can now climb up and move through powder snow blocks.
  • Rabbits, silverfish, and Endermites don’t fall through powder snow blocks.
  • Goats are smart enough to avoid powder snow on the go.
  • An entity moving on powder snow will make a sound.
  • Wearing Leather Boots make it easy for entities to climb or cross the powder snow Blocks.
  • Snow powder can be stored in Buckets.
  • Powder snow blocks have a slightly different texture than regular Snow blocks.
  • Entities can enter powder snow blocks, but their movement is slowed inside.
    • Fall damage is ignored.
  • Mobs can enter powdered snow blocks, but the movement is slowed inside.
  • Fixed occlusion for powder snow; adjacent blocks no longer appear transparent when inside powder snow

Nether Ambient Sounds

  • Experience new sounds in The Nether
  • Be sure to update the Minecraft Original Music Pack via the Marketplace.


  • Fixed a bug: Shulker Boxes no longer lost inventory
  • Add new logic to mobs
  • Players will no longer dismount into liquids (lava or water) from objects such as boats
  • Added F11 as a keyboard shortcut for full-screen mode
  • The error message when the login failed is more helpful.


  • Fixed Double Chests: not partially hidden and crash the title when they are opened.
  • Golden Apple and Enchanted Apple now have colored hotbar text when selecting them


  • Added new slash command options for ‘/setblock’, ‘/fill’, and ‘/clone’ commands for passing in a list of block states to set on the block being spawned
  • Changing ‘RideableComponent’ property “rotate_rider_by” to function for custom mobs


  • Added Fog Documentation
  • Added the “fogs” folder to the Resource Pack template:
    • Resource Pack Template: aka.ms/MinecraftBetaResources
    • Behavior Pack Template: (Includes documentation): aka.ms/MinecraftBetaBehaviors

Download Minecraft PE APK Beta for Android devices:

Latest version of Minecraft

Minecraft Full version:


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