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Gravity Gun Addon

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Gravity Gun Addon Mod is an amazing and creative gun add-on which is about tools and features in Minecraft PE.

This mod has inspired a mod in MCPE which was created by iChun. It adds two versions of the Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator from Half-Life 2.

To have it, you can craft in survival mode or obtained from the creative mode inventory.

Its features help you move mobs around quickly and easily. Click a mod as if you are attacked it will push you away from a mod, or launch it pretty far if you are holding it.With smaller mobs, like animals, are pushed further and mobs modded supported, and the size will be calculated based on its hitbox.

Crafting Recipes:
Gravity Gun = 3 Iron Ingots + 4 Redstone Dust + 1 Obsidian + 1 Diamond.

Gravity Gun
Gravity Gun
Gravity Gun
Gravity Gun
Gravity Gun
Gravity Gun

Ported by: mackthehobbit
Original creator: iChun

Another gun mod: Dupstep Gun Mod


YouTube video



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