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Modern Tools Addon

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This addon adds up to 6 modern tools to your Minecraft world even though they only replace two different mobs. For example, you can store your food or any other item in the refrigerator. Or cook raw food immediately on a kitchen stove. Of course, in addition to the main use function, they also have a decorative effect of making your home more modern and comfortable. Other cool furniture mod for Minecraft PE.

Creator: Kiritocris55

How does Modern Tools Add-on work?

To create a modern tool, you must first have a forge. You can find forge everywhere in Minecraft PE because the forge replaces eggs and chickens that drop eggs everywhere.

Put a forge on the ground by throwing the items. Then use any of the items listed below to create a modern tool.

  • Fridge – Gray Dye
  • Tables – Bone Meal, Light Blue Dye, Rose Red, Lapis Lazuli, Pink Dye, Cocoa Beans
  • Kitchen – Light Gray Dye
  • PC (MineBay) – Lime Dye
  • Water Dispenser – Magenta Dye
  • Stereo – Cyan Dye

Which tools are available in this Addon?

Fridge – Gray Dye: A storage container with 27 slots is available so that you can store many different things.

Modern Tools Addon
Modern Tools Addon

Tables/Chairs – Bone Meal, Light Blue Dye,Rose Red, Lapis Lazuli, Pink Dye, Cocoa Beans: Decorate your home with some nice furniture. You can even sit on the chairs.

Modern Tools Addon for MCPE
Modern Tools Addon

Kitchen Stove – Light Gray Dye: Using this kitchen, you can cook the food immediately. It will work with the following raw foods: chicken, beef, pork chop, rabbit meat.

Forge (default): Add coal to the forge and retrieve a random valuable item (diamond, gold, gold nugget or iron ingot).

Dump – Shulker Black: Dump – Shulker Black: This is meant to be a trash bin, even though the name might imply something else. Don’t be fooled! Unnecessary things can be thrown into the trash. iOS/Android: Long press on the trash bin and press Erase to delete the block or item in your hand. It works best in survival mode.

PC – Lime Dye: Use a PC to trade ingots for coins. (These coins are entirely unrelated to Minecraft coins.) The coins can be used for trading with a Postman (see further down).

  • Iron Ingot: 0 – 1 coins
  • Gold Ingot: 1 – 2 coins
  • Diamond: 3 – 5 coins

Postman (Villager): The postman replaces one of the villagers. From the postman you can access MineBay store where you can buy and sell all kinds of items.

Improved Beds (replaces normal beds): All of the beds now have much more detailed 3D models.

Water Dispenser (replaces Magenta Dye): The Water Dispenser is a very useful device which is used to store and dispense water. Interact with it with an empty bucket to get a filled bucket of water.

Stereo (replaces Cyan Dye): The stereo is perfect any time that you want to hear some nice tunes in Minecraft. Use any of the included 6 music discs to start listening, and use the OFF button (iron nugget) to turn off the stereo.

Modern Tools Addon for Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Modern Tools Addon for Minecraft Bedrock Edition


  • Added Stereo (+ 6 new songs)
  • Added Water Dispenser
  • Bug fixes

Install add-on (.mcpack):

  1. Download mod files with .mcpack tags from the link below.
  2. Just open the files (via ES Explorer on Android) and the game will install all the necessary files.
  3. Launch Minecraft Pocket Edition and go to the editing world.
  4. Select Texture Sets.
  5. Find the texture file and click on it to activate.
  6. Select Parameter Sets.
  7. Find the add-on file and click on it to activate it.
  8. Mod installed, enjoy the game!

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Download Modern Tools Addon

  1. Resources .McPack
  2. Behaviors .McPack


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