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Mine-Furniture Addon

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Mine-Furniture Addon is a perfect addition for players who want to add more furniture to Minecraft PE. This furniture mod for Minecraft PE will add to your game more than 20 different types of furniture.

Each furniture will have different uses, e.g., radio can turn on songs, refrigerators used to store food. And most importantly, they will make your home more comfortable and more luxurious.

Creator: MicoLets_MC

How to get furniture on Mine-Furniture Addon?

All furniture is available from the seller. You can now trade Furniture Items by finding or spawning a Villager and interact it with a Bit-Emerald to spawn a Furniture Seller.

How to use the DL Box for spawning furniture?

Now place the DL Box and use any item purchased from the seller to create the interior unit (long press on the box). The DL box replaces the shulker and that means you will need to use the shulker’s spawn egg (or type / summon shulker) to generate it.

Some furniture replaces blocks, so some things you can find using creative repositories. The rest is only available from the people.

There is a radio here. The radio can be used to play songs but you must have a CD.

  • iOS / Android: Hold a Rock Song CD, long press on the radio and press Play
  • Windows 10: Hold a Rock Song CD and right-click on the radio to play a song
Mine-Furniture Addon MCPE

All furniture on Mine-Furniture Addon

Most of the following furniture have unique features but they are also great just to use as decorations. Some of the furniture can be rotated.

  • DLBox (Undyed Shulker) – Unboxes the furniture which you want to get
  • Drum (Purple Shulker) – You can play this Drum by long pressing on it with a stick
  • Computer (Black Shulker) – Turn it on so you can store your written and enchanted books (With 3 Slots only), and by turning it off, you need to use some Bit-Emerald by interacting to the computer. You can earn emeralds every 5 to 6 Minutes.+
  • Statue (White Shulker) – You can upgrade it into a Statue Guard by long pressing with Golden Pickaxe, and Trophy Statue by long pressing with Stone Pickaxe
  • Radio (Red Shulker) – You can play songs by using the CDs (Pop, Rock, Blues Songs)
  • Table (Orange Shulker) – You can store 2 Food Items, drop items on table, then long press on it to access the items
  • Chair (Yellow Shulker) – Sittable, and can change size by long pressing on it with Golden Pickaxe. You can change it back by long pressing with a Chair
  • Fridge (Green Shulker) – Store food items
  • Coffee Table (Lime Shulker) – You can store 2 Food Items, drop items on table, then long press on it to access the items. You can change the size by long pressing on it with Golden Pickaxe. You can change it back by long pressing with a Coffee Table Item
  • Stool (Blue Shulker) – Sittable, and can change size by long pressing on it with Golden Pickaxe. You can change it back by long pressing a Stool
  • Blender (Cyan Shulker) – Blend apples, melons, potatoes and carrots into potions
  • BBQ Grill (Light Blue Shulker) – Need to Put one Block of Coal to Cook your raw meat and fishes
  • Safe / Vault (Magenta Shulker) – Can be use to hide your important items. You can also lock/unlock this using a Safe Card.
  • Bin (Pink Shulker) – Drop your items in the bin. You can collect them by long pressing on it.
  • Bathtub (Gray Shulker) – You can sit in the bathtub. But first you need to fill it up with some water. Use some soap (Light Gray Dye) to add some water and then have a seat. You can empty the bathtub by long pressing on it with an empty bucket.
  • Toilet (Brown Shulker) – Sittable
  • Flat-Screen TV, Telephone, Mailbox, Aircon, Teddy Bear (Heads) – Design
  • Electric Fan (Dragon Head) – You can turn it on by placing a lever on it.
  • Improved Beds (Normal Beds)
  • Baby Cribs (Brown and Magenta Beds)
Mine-Furniture Addon Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Mine-Furniture Addon Minecraft Bedrock Edition

The sheep is replaced into an armchair. Use a stick if you want to rotate them in the other direction. Use dyes to change color.

Mine-Furniture Addon for Minecraft PE

All furniture items

These are items that you can use to interact with furniture (e.g., repairing or CDs for playing music). This list also includes some wearable items.

  • Snorkel (Chain Helmet) – Used to support swimming, you can look and breathe underwater.
  • Amulet (Chain Chestplate) – Used to restore health and increase strength.
  • Magical Diaper (Chain Leggings) – Use them to turn into a child. (The skin is customizable though.)
  • Slime Boots (Chain Boots) – Can be used for high jumps and does not cause damage when falling.

You can only the items to a Furniture Seller (Villager Priest) or using the command “/give @p Item ID 64 Data” (For example: /give @p yellow_flower 64 1) in the Following Items:

  • Blues CD (yellow_flower:1) – Interact to the Radio to play Blues Songs
  • Pop CD (yellow_flower:2) – Interact to the Radio to play Pop Songs
  • Rock CD (yellow_flower:3) – Interact to the Radio to play Blues Songs
  • Furniture Remover (yellow_flower:4) – Can be use to remove Furniture Instantly
  • Safe Card (yellow_flower:5) – Can be use to Lock/Unlock Safe
  • Red Gift (yellow_flower:6) – Can be use to obtain Equipment items!
  • Blue Gift (yellow_flower:7) – Can be use to obtain Food items!

Tip: Don’t equip the gifts if you don’t want to open yet, it will open them once you equip it. Sometimes, you will get coal inside those gifts.

  • Furniture Repairer (yellow_flower:8) – Can be use to Repair/Heal Furniture
  • Hedge (Nether Reactor Core) – Decoration and great for using as a wall.
  • Lava Lamp (Glowing Obsidian) – Can be use as a Light Source and great for Decoration.
  • Barrels (Shulker Boxes) – Can be use to store items.

Note:If you can’t sit, open, or interact at the furniture, you must unequip dyes or spawn DLBox so you can interact the furniture.


  • Remodelled, and Retextured Furniture once again!
  • Statues can turn into “Trophy Statue” using Stone Pickaxe
  • Added Particles and Sound Effects while Unboxing or using Furniture
  • Tables and Coffee Tables can only put Foods in there Inventory
  • Furniture drops 10 Bit-Emeralds (Shulker Shell)
  • Computers can Spawn emeralds between 5 to 6 Minutes. It can equip your Written Books, and Enchanted Books. Now you can turn on and off it! (But you need to put shulker shell (Bit-Emerald) in order to turn off.
  • Fridge Can now Freeze Water Bucket into Ice!
  • You can get all these Furniture Items to the Furniture Seller (Villager Priest) by spawning him using Bit-Emerald.
  • New Furniture Items: Blues CD, Pop CD, Rock CD, Furniture Remover, Safe Card, Red Gift, Blue Gift, Furniture Repairer, Barrels, Hedge, Lava Lamp, Snorkel, Amulet, Magical Diaper, Slime Boots
  • Bugs Fixed!

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  1. Download Mine-Furniture Addon(Resource & Behavior).McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.


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