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How To Train Your Dragon Add-on

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How to train your dragon is an Dragon addon for MCPE that introduces rideable dragons to the Minecraft world. The addon is also combined with a script that allows realistic flying behavior.

It is the first beta version of the addon, so it still lacks a lot of features like natural reproduction and realistic dragons.


The new beta is mainly based on scripts, only Windows 10 and Android (with BlockLauncher) can use it.



Night Fury

Night Fury is one of the rarest dragons in the franchise, It has 3 Variants 

Light Fury

Light Fury, One of the newest Dragons from the 3rd movie, It has 2 Variants

Deadly Nadder

Probably the most popular dragon of all time, Has 3 variants.

Monstrous Nightmare:

A new and a fan favorite Dragon, comes with 4 variants


The behaviors and Scripts have been through a major rewrite, let’s begin 

New Features:

  • EGGS!! Bred Dragons will now lay eggs instead of the usual birth.
  • Dragon Eggs will start shaking 20 to 40 mins after being laid down
  • Dragon Eggs will hatch 40 mins after being laid down
  • A new taming mechanics, Use a fish to tame the dragon. Once tamed they will not follow you or defend you they’ll just be friendly.
  • To fly them, Right click a tamed dragon to ride then open the inventory and saddle him. When Saddled they will follow you, They will not fly on their own, You can make them sit, You can leash them.
  • You can also put a chest on a tamed dragon and also remove it, (Right click with a chest to chest him, Right click with another chest to unchest him)
  • The Night Fury now cycles between 2 Melee and 1 Fire Charge attacks randomly.
  • The Light Fury will cycle between 3 Melee and 1 Fire Charge attacks randomly.
  • The Deadly Nadder will cycle between 1 Melee, 1 Fire Charge and 1 Spikes(shooting spikes from it’s tail) attacks randomly.
  • Baby dragons will not cycle between the Fire Charge / Spikes ability until they become adults.

New Dragons:

  • The Monstrous Nightmare
  • Will cycle between 1 Melee and 1 Fire Charge attacks.
  • Behaviors same to the other dragons
  • It will not lay eggs yet.
  • The Monstrous Nightmare will breath FIRE :fire: :fire:

List of animations that can be triggered for all dragons

  • Walking + default posing (obviously)
  • Flying Up
  • Flying Down
  • Flying_Open: When you keep flying forward but not up or down, just forward
  • Flying_Resting: When you’re mid air and you stop moving forward.
  • Sitting
  • Tempting (Cod/Salmon)
  • Attacks (Different Dragons have Different attacks as stated in “New Features”)
  • Sleeping (Bugged, rarely works)

If you find any bugs, Please make sure to tweet them to me at @StarkTMA_YT

YouTube Video

YouTube video



  • Brand new behaviors and scripts
  • Added new features to previous dragons
  • Added a new Dragon

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  • Import the packs
  • Turn on Experimental Gameplay
  • Enjoy 🙂
  • Tweet me Pics of you riding Dragons



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