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Dragon Addon

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If you are looking to own a dragon for yourself, then this is the MCPE Dragon addon you are looking for. This dragon will help you fly into the air and take you wherever you want. It will help you kill the enemy if desired.

Your dragon has three different attacks. When it’s just a wild dragon, it has 100 HP, but once you tame it and turn it into your own, it will increase to 400 HP.

They only spawn in extreme hill biomes and will hunt you on the day, but at night they are incredibly docile. You can tame it at night with a golden apple while it’s still on the ground.

Control the same way you control a player.

Special thanks to:
@Super Kryston
for helping me.

For bugs and suggestion you can find me at this following discord servers

Tame the dragon only at night time when it is on ground using golden_apple 

While flying look at the dragon body and tap the look around to idle mid air

Tap fly mode to disable look around and starts flying again

When on ground you can disable the fly so you can look up without flying the dragon

Enable fly to start flying again

Look up to fly and look down to fly down

you need to place a command_block and input function fly_system

Make it repeat and always active

To get command blocks simply

/give @p command_block

Video tutorial:

YouTube video

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