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Subnautica Survival

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Hey, do you love Subnautica underwater video game? Well, I’ll tell you a secret that now you can play it in Minecraft Bedrock with this maps for Minecraft Bedrock Edition survival.

Discover a vast underwater world of 1024 x 1024 blocks. We also plan to create new updates in the future. Make sure to bookmark this site and come back often so you don’t miss the latest updates.

About this Subnautica Survival map

This is Subnautica in Minecraft. Others have created modes for PC, maps, and more, but none like this. With a new texture pack changing mods and the world, it brings a whole new feeling. A small behavior pack has been created to give armor the ability to allow you to breathe underwater. You will need new and better armor if you want to dive deeper.

Players can only hold their breath for 25 seconds at a depth of 144 -160. (However, when you have the armor, you can breathe freely underwater without having to float to the surface.)

  • Leather armor lets you go down to 108 to 143 meters.
  • Iron armor allows you to go down 73 meters to 107 meters.
  • Gold armor allows you to go down 36 meters to 72 meters.
  • Diamonds armor allows you to go down to 0 meters to 35 meters.

Look in the world around you for the materials needed to make armor or kill down to get the gold. If you want to find your way to the primary containment facility to reach the end and destroy the Ender dragon, you must find and use Ender’s eye.

All new mods and models such as Warper, Sea Dragon, Ghost Leviathan, Reaper Leviathan, many fish species, and even more will come.

It is now possible to craft a sea moth and prawn suit using a dropper. “Yes, I know you can use a custom crafting file. I can’t get it to work, so the old way it is.”

Prawn Suit

Players get haste and power when wearing or standing close enough to the suit. Players will still begin to die if they go deep into a suit without complete armor.

To craft, place this recipe in a dropper and stand on it when finished. (Iron glass iron) (iron Redstone iron block) (piston gas piston)

Sea Moth

Players cant dive deeper safely but can travel much faster underwater. (Iron glass iron) (glass Redstone block glass) (iron iron iron).




  • Added new mods and custom models and sounds.
  • Aurora is now radiated so going there without leather armor will start to kill you.
  • All minecraft night monsters dont spawn anymore unless a spawners is placed or used eggs. Just watch out for the crawlers on islands now.

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Download and launch the file for Minecraft Bedrock.



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