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New York City Map

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Surely everyone knows the city of New York, a city of magnificent, majestic, the most extensive in the world today. A bustling city with high-rise buildings, industrial complexes, entertainment world’s most modern. On this city maps for MCPE you will enjoy a New York Monday, a New York city in the world MCPE. The modern architecture and luxurious continuous existence of this map, please enjoy this map with friends or relatives.

Author: AlexPrki

Features and Screenshots: 

New York City
New York City
New York City
New York City
New York City
New York City

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  • Minehatten (Manhatten) (wealthiest borough)
  • Blocker (Brooklyn)
  • Ender Island (Staten Island)
  • Lapis Island (Queens)
  • Nether Island (The Bronx) (poorest borough)
  • Creeper of Minecraft (Statue of Liberty)
  • All boroughs are connected through bridges and the MYC Subway
  • Cities in the National Republic of Minecraft (NRM)
    • Mine York City (New York City)
    • Notch City (Jersey City, you can see it from MYC)
    • Minecago (Chicago)
    • Enderdelphia (Philadelphia)
    • Newport
    • (All these cities are accessible from MYC using the highway systems in place.)
  • And much more!


  • New skyscrapers and buildings
  • Removal and renovations of existing highways (with updated signage)
  • New Daily Square neighborhood (Times Square)
  • New Checchi Center (Rockefeller Center)
  • A new hospital complex (MineYork – Presbyterian Hospital)
  • A new park in Lapis Island that more closely resembles Flushing Meadows/Corona Park
  • And more!



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