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Monster Factory | Minigame Survival Map for MCPE

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Monster Factory is a mini game maps for Minecraft Bedrock Edition for up to 16 players. There are six different monster waves to fight off. Around the map you can find several hidden items which will aid you in some way. It is quite a fun survival challenge to play with your friends. It is possible to play the map alone but then you probably need to “cheat” to get some better gear.

All credit goes to Luma

Once you have spawned in the world you will find some chests. These chests contain weapons, food, and gears. There are enough chests around the ground to support 16 players. Laying around the factory are hidden secrets, so feel free to explore that before entering the monster factory.

There are six monster waves in total. Each wave can be enabled by using levers which can be found in bottom floor of the factory.

monster factory
monster factory

Rules of Monster Factory

  • Set render distance to —|—
  • Do not break blocks
  • Set difficulty to max

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