Thursday, June 6, 2024

LuckyBlocksRace [Minigame]

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This map requires multiplayer to start. In this minigame maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition, the task of players in the game is trying to break lucky blocks.

There are two events that can happen when breaking lucky blocks. For example, you can get important items or see horrific things.

Important items include an iron sword, a creeper, and other powerful things. Therefore, let’s give the game a try now.

How to play?

The number of players in each team should change from 2 to 4. After standing on the platforms of 3×3 blocks, you can make a countdown to start the game.

After destroying the lucky blocks, you can come down the race. It may spawn a creeper or produce many anvils below.

Avoid walking out of your track. Repairing the track is so easy by picking the blocks from the inventory. Let’s reset the map now.

You can reset the game from within the world after playing a round.


YouTube video


  • More than 150 drops were added New
  • The Battle Arena was temporarily removed
  • All the operation of the map has been overwritten from scratch!

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