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Biome | Parkour Map

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Biome is a Minecraft PE parkour maps which contains four different levels. If you are new to parkour then you might want to try this out because the actual parkour is not that difficult. Of course, some people are just not meant for Parkour, so if you feel like you have spent too much time on this map, it might be time to quit. But no matter what, it is a quite enjoyable map due to the amazing scene.

All credit goes to Rasko and Tom Bailey

If you play Minecraft on an Android device then you can use the built in automatic checkpoint system (by of the included .js script). It adds a better flow to the gameplay but it is, by no means, a requirement to play the Biome map.


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While it is recommended to use the included .js mod file it’s not required. The only advantage of using the the mod file is that there is an automatic checkpoint system built in. So it is not an absolute must have.



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