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XRAY Resource Pack for Minecraft PE

The main function of this pack is the ability to get x-ray powers for looking through walls and recognizing common hostiles like spiders and zombies. It has the typical function as same as Superman. In comparison with other x-ray packs, XRAY Resource Pack only offers the limitation of entities. However, it is a great choice if you don’t want to look at the rest of the world as a mess.

Founded by: RyFol

How does XRAY Resource Pack work?

Once you have spawned in this game, you will have the great ability to see entities and mobs through walls. It allows you to disable the x-ray in the most effective ways by restarting the game and disabling the pack.

By knowing exactly the spawning places of mobs, you could find dungeons in a surprisingly quick way.

How to set up XRAY Resource Pack

Notice: This pack is only compatible with Android and iOS, exception for Windows 10.

Follow these tips below to enjoy this game wonderfully.

  • Download Resource .McPack
  • Open Minecraft PE
  • Press Settings > Global resources > Activate pack
  • Restart Minecraft PE (with iOS, it requires you to slide Minecraft PE application for closing up)

You can get a .ZIP file for this pack here.

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