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yFarm Craft Add-on

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yFarm Craft is an animal add-on for Minecraft PE that will add many new animals, plants and food to your farm. This add-on may still work well with some features for some Minecraft Bedrock version.

Creator: yBrothers
Twitter: @GabrielCas29007

If you encounter any bugs or want to add any functionality in upcoming updates, leave a comment in this article to make this addon better and better.

In case you want to record a video, leave a link to this article.

What do we have in this addon?

You can make your farm more beautiful and perfect with this utility. However, remember to choose yourself a version to download exactly with your Minecraft Bedrock version because some features will not work in all versions.


The new animals are found just like the game’s regular animals, i.e. in any biome, they are fed and temporarily have the same functions. In future updates, new animals will still be added.


  • New Chickens (Two variants)
  • New Roosters
  • New Pigs
  • New Cows
  • New Oxen
  • New Sheeps


The new plans are available for only some versions of the game, but for others will be added in future updates.


  • Corn (Milho)
  • Eggplant (Beringela)
  • Blueberry (Mirtilo)
  • Stramberry (Morango)
  • Blackberry (Amora)
  • Raspberry (Framboesa)
  • Rice (Arroz)
  • Chili (Pimenta)
  • Tomato (Tomate)
  • Lettuce (Alface)
  • Turnip (Nabo)
  • Radish (Rabanete)
  • Pineapple (Abacaxi)


Items are drops from new plants, so items are the same as blocks!

Access items by command using: 

/give @p farm: (item)


Seed blocks, when on the ground, over time the plant emerges!


Plants are only achieved in some versions of the game! Already items, seed blocks, animals are already available in all versions.

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